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Subject - New mod out on website
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Posted By: Tully (2004-03-06 15:27:05)

Thanks to 773D for the B2 mod that is now up in the downloads section. It is a stealth bomber. Good agains ground and weak against sea. It cannot attack air units.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-03-08 10:28:25)

Never played game before, but someone suggested i should. Its old school but with a twist. Thx 773D
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-03-08 10:40:37)

Pretty cool 773D.. a little bird suggested that I give it a run. Played game once awhile back, but I say its good for what needs to get done. Good Job!
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-03-08 13:53:59)

A friend of mines sister said I should take a look at the game.. Its cool, will have to find out more info so I understand whats going on. But like I was told. Good game 773D.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-03-08 19:34:19)

nice game 773D
Posted By: DWS (2004-03-09 12:18:24)

hey thanks for the positive feedback but I DIDN'T MAKE THE GAME!! lol
the developer of Pocket War is Tully Edson
..who by the way did do an EXCELLENT job on the game!
i just made the B-2 Spirit mod.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-03-09 18:39:48)

I know you made B-2 mod she made sure we checked it out. Nice work. Nice Game as well Tully.
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