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Subject - Sorry for ingoring everyone
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Posted By: Tully (2004-03-19 21:12:18)

I have been away on buisness and am living in connectivity hell. However, I have had nothing to do at night in the hotel except hammer out the mod changes and the new mod system is now up and limping.
Posted By: DWS (2004-03-21 00:48:17)

i'm sure you'll pull it off. i have a programmer friend who, quote, "wish i could make something like this".
he was referring to Pocket War.
anyway, even though my favorite mod is the A10, i hope you end up releasing a new unitmaker because i'd like to do another B2 for version 1.5.
if not, i could really use your or Ken's help with that.
hope you guys are fans of the B2..
Posted By: Tully (2004-03-21 09:11:52)

The unit maker will be brought up to date, and the map maker will be refined. There will also be a new scenario maker as well. It will make the glue between the maps, units, etc thats needed for a scenario.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-21 20:49:18)

Tully Dont forget to put the setting to be able to turn off the check for same mods. If you dont it will be a pain to beta test after tweeking the scripts each time. ;-)
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-03-21 21:01:06)

I fixed the setting but I dont think it will be needed any more. They will now check on a mod by mod basis rather than on the whole mod set, since you can turn mods on and off and since the game knows what mods it needs. So you can have more mods installed than a game needs to run and you can change any mod not used by the current game and it wont stop the current game from being loaded.

So you can build a scenario and it will have no effect on loading other games. Also in the multiplayer case as long as you have the mods needed to load the game it will load. So playing two multiplayer games with two people using different mods for each game should be easier now.

All that make sense?

The unit portion of this is working fine now and now I am making the needed changes to city, land and AI mods.
Posted By: Tully (2004-03-21 21:04:53)

Oh another change. There is going to be a very small base unit set that ships together. (Marine, tank, fighter, battleship, transport, carrier, bomber) Those you cant turn off. The rest of the base units will ship as mods and you will be able to turn them off. There are a couple of problems keeping me from being able to turn off all base units. If I overcome them then you will be able to swith off any unit you want.

I was also able to fix the seperate file problem. So now in one file you can put the code to create a new unit, add it to a city for construction, and change the AI to use it. In fact you will need to do that so you can switch the entire mod on or off with one setting in the new game page.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-03-22 23:01:22)

Glad you like the A10. Will be updating the mod for the new release! Better graphics and stuff that was loaned to me. I think Tully should take all the current and popular mods and integrate them...
Posted By: DWS (2004-03-23 08:01:46)

love the A10. sounds good, i eagerly anticipate the updated release. doubt i'll redo the graphics for the B2 or SEAL but i'll definitely release 1.5-compatible ones.
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