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Subject - ANOTHER Feature Request Thread (maybe for 2.0?)
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Posted By: DWS (2004-03-24 02:40:15)

Current tile set is perfect, but the addition of a snow type would be too cool.
Posted By: DWS (2004-03-24 03:09:26)

<cough> sand would make a good battlefield..
Posted By: Tully (2004-03-24 07:32:02)

You can actually add new tile types by making a mod. Have to code it by hand though.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-24 15:08:09)

This is good then we might be able to do that bridge layer. You will be able to change tile types in the game right? ;-)

Posted By: Tully (2004-03-24 15:23:05)

You theoretically already can. The calls you need are already in the script engine for 1.081. However its never been done.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-24 15:42:23)

I have another request.
You have attack adjustment for units.
I would like to see hit adjustments also.

for ex you have the scout aircraft but it is useless. It take 16 turns to make, only 2 less then a tank and the first marine you meet will take it out at least the tank can defend itself. it is a waste of time to make scouts. I have been wanting to make an U2 or preditor mod that would be hard for ground and sea units to hit. Even the scout I think should be hard for a marine to kill it. the hit adjustment would allow you to compensate for this. also it could account for units with special defense like chaff and flares to make it hard for missles to hit it or depleated urianum armor on the M1 abrams tanks. or high altitude flying for the U2 I mean come on i doubt the marine could even see the U2 flying. of course the - adjustment would increase the cost. but it would be less then makeing it a steath. and still air units would be able to spot U2s and preaditors.

Please & thank you ;-)


Posted By: Tully (2004-03-24 15:48:12)

by default the scout is set for &quot;defense&quot; which does make it harder to hit. Maybe that adjustment is not enough. The tank armor part is covered by the Armor setting.

I'll see what it will take to add a defense adjustment per type (land, sea, etc), kind of the opposite of attack adjustments, and you would also be able to make the number go negative which would make it easier for that type to hit it and in turn make the unit cheaper to build.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-24 16:05:56)

hmm yeah i see you point and I dont want to make it too complicated I guess for the armor on a tank to be realisted you would have to seprated the type of weapons used. Ie shells, gun, missle, explosives. this is getting a bit complicated.
where a gun would have very little chance of damage a tank but a shell from a destroyer would not have any adjustment and a laser guided armor pierceing hellfire from an A-10 would be a sure hit. not sure if you should go to this level but if the hit adjustment is not too much trouble I would like to see it.

thanks Tully.


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