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Subject - M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Mod
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Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-26 21:23:10)

Here is a Mod I have been working on.
I was wanting a troop transport that could explore solo and survive a encounter with a single tank and also augment a squadron of tanks in a big battle.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-26 21:28:10)

This is of course based on the Army's modern M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

It was given disavantages aginst air and sea units to help reduce the turn it requires to build. Also it has a 3 armor to with stand a direct hit from a single tank and a 3 movement to out run them. ;-) There is no adjustments aginst ground so it works well killing the stray marines commando and even a tank.

Feedback is welcome see email in text file or post here.


Ken Pierce
Posted By: DWS (2004-03-26 23:42:33)

A Bradley.
I like it.
My only criticism is that I feel the build time value is a little low compared to the unit's attributes.
This point won't even matter when we go to update the mods for 1.5.
Posted By: DWS (2004-03-26 23:45:47)

It'll be able to carry 2 SEALs as well, once 1.5 comes out. Not sure why you'd want to, though.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-27 12:13:59)

Ok after some good feedback (thanks DWS) I have got v1.1 already.
Please disregard first ver
Due to the low build time it almost made building tanks a waste. But now there is only a 2 turn diff. and it has better chance at hitting air and sea.


Ken Pierce
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