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Subject - Name all the pocket war units
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Posted By: Tully (2004-03-31 21:47:49)

What would be the official names for all the pocket war units. I.E. The scout should be called SR-71, etc.
Posted By: Tully (2004-03-31 22:03:54)

I have the planes covered here is what the changes will be:

Bomber - B52 Bomber
Fighter - F15 Eagle or should it be an F18 Hornet
Dominator - FA22 Raptor
Sea Hunter - F14 Tomcat (should this be changed to a helicopter or some other plane? Which plane fires anti-ship missles?)
Stealth Bomber - B2 Spirit
Posted By: Tully (2004-03-31 22:58:36)

Also do the unit names need the number or is just the type fine. For example right now you would see "SR71 Blackbird 27" as the name of the unit in the message view on the map, etc. Could I just put "SR71 Blackbird" as the name of all of them or do you use the numbers to help keep track of which one is which.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-03-31 23:24:30)

Bomber - B52 Stratofortress
Fighter - F-16 Fighting Falcon (is the actual name but you could use just falcon)
Sea Hunter - We talk about this DWS and I and I thought F-14 was the best choice for this unit. Helicopters are slow and the Sea Hunter is a fast moving unit. Plus I dont think they use helos for anti ship only anti sub. The other choice was the F-18 hornet but the F-14 caries more armament and the SeaHunter packs a punch.

Chopper - H-1 Huey (at least this is what I think DWS was going for)

Scout - SR-71 Blackbird

These are the ones I came up with in my head.

As far as unit number.
I do not pay any attention to the unit number.
but I had thought it was needed to be able to call units in the code.
if it does not have a unique name how would you be able to destinguish which unit you were trying to call?


Posted By: Tully (2004-04-01 00:04:50)

I had to call it B52 Bomber. Stratofortress is to long for the UI.

The numbers are solely for the players. Internally everything is by pointer.
Posted By: DWS (2004-04-01 11:48:57)

Personally, I like having the ID numbers to be able to identify the units.

As far as the names, I think you guys have them all covered..
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-01 15:20:42)

What I need are the names of all the ground units and ships.
Posted By: DWS (2004-04-01 21:03:17)

The ground and sea units aren't really as specific as the air.
Unless you mean, "Ohio Class" for the Sub, etc.
I think the ground and sea names are fine as-is, though.
And seeing as though the JetMarine and HoverTank will be able to be switched off, I'm all for keeping them in the game.
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