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Subject - Unit Maker small bug
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Posted By: Eric B. (2004-04-02 10:20:09)


I was just playing around with the unit maker to see how it works etc. and I noticed a small bug. I have screen shots, but I can't see how to attach them to this message. In one screen shot I have a unit with armor 3 and the build time is 198, in the next screen shot I have the same unit, but with an armor of 34 and the build time is only 202. Kind of a short build time for such a heavy armored unit isn't? :)

I actually noticed this by accident, when I meant to put a 4 in and it was left as 34. If you want me to email the screen shots to you I can do that.

Posted By: Tully (2004-04-02 21:13:40)

Nah thats ok it should be easy to reproduce.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-04-08 09:17:22)

I was goofing aroud too and made superman. His calculated build time is over 2060. Just so I could play around with him, I wanted to make him a build of 40ish. I subtracted about 2020 in the build time adjust. It still shows up as 2060. Any ideas?
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-08 09:23:12)

Put it in the game and see what the build time is there.
Posted By: Nyphur (2004-04-08 16:18:12)

I did...that's what I meant. It still had the full 2000+ build time.
Posted By: DWS (2004-04-08 16:27:30)

If you want to zip up the current javascript code you have and upload it here, I'll fix it and put the code back up here for you to download and use.
Just be sure to post the exact build time you want the unit to have.
Posted By: Nyphur (2004-04-08 18:03:18)

Awesome. Is there any way I can fiddle with it myself? I looked at the code to see if I could pick out the point in the code that had the build time in it. Right now the unit is unrealistic and just for fun, but I may want to put him in there as a more balanced character sooner or later.
Thanks for the help!
Posted By: Nyphur (2004-04-08 18:03:49)

PS I'm rather proud of my image ;-)
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