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Subject - Stealth in Reality
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Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-04-09 22:09:52)

One thing that has bugged me for awhile Tully is that the Stealth bomber is not worth the time to make because rarely do you find just one unit alone so as soon as the bomber attacks it is killed the next turn. This is definitely not worth the 52 turns to make. Way too much time for a throw away unit. Now in reality the stealth bomber and fighter do not lose their stealth after they release their bombs. I think that the stealth unit should not be reveled after attack. They are still vulnerable to those units that see stealth ie destroyers, radar, cities. Even if it mean increasing the build cost a little it would be worth it.

Just my 3 ½ cents worth.

Ken Pierce

Posted By: DWS (2004-04-09 23:11:25)

Excellent point.

I believe there should be two levels of stealth (maybe done like the current veteran status is).
Stealth Level 1 - Can be spotted.
Stealth Level 2 - Cannot be spotted by ordinary, non-stealth seeing units.

Unrelated: The fate of the B-2 Spirit and US Navy SEAL mods is in jeopardy.
The current Build penalty for Stealth is approximately 100%.
That is, in my opinion, extreme.
In version 2.0, I propose reducing the Build penalty for Stealth to 25%.

This message brought to you by The Official Save the Mods Campaign..
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-10 00:02:08)

the problem with stealth is in combination with other things like a high attack it is unstoppable. You can wipe out an entire army with one unit. So it cant be to cheap. I could remove the "you show up after attack" part of it but then if you dont have anything with a see stealth, one unit which takes 52 turns to build could kill an entire army.

There will be a rebalancing of all this stuff I am just not sure what the outcome will be yet.
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-11 18:14:36)

You know I was thinking in reality one stealth bomber can take out an entire army that is unprepared so maybe that's not unreal. But one stealth bomber does cost a billion dollars.

Maybe I should introduce money instead of build times. Basically, if you can afford it you can build it.
Posted By: Ken Pierce (2004-04-11 22:47:25)

ahh but do you really want to introduce the complexity of economy?
and if you do I suggest you have it selectable like advanced mode or simple mode.
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-12 07:46:37)

Actually it would be pretty simple. Each city type you own would provide you X dollars per day (which could vary by city type) and units would all take one day to build (build it today its ready tomorrow) but you could not add it to the build queue of a city unless you had the money to pay for it. Basically, money replaces build times.
Posted By: DWS (2004-04-12 09:53:44)

After a little thought, I believe instituting a monetary build system would be a mistake.
If you do, though, please consider Ken's suggestion.

Basically, Pocket War is a different breed than Command & Conquer.
The Money system works for C&C, but I think your turn-based Build system works better for PW.
I think it could just use a little fine tuning, to the tune of smaller penalties for Fly and Hover and a substantial reduction in the penalty for Stealth.

Just my 3 ½ cents worth..
Posted By: DWS (2004-04-12 10:05:47)

Another 2 cents worth..

If money was in Pocket War, you'd also need to seriously consider introducing a cheat code for it.
We'd all want the ability to accumulate a lot more of it.

Without a code, everyone would feel like it should have one.
With a code, everyone would end up cheating too often, cheapening the game.

EDIT: If you had both a primary and secondary build system, it'd be a different story.
Then if you couldn't afford to 'buy' a unit, you could always 'wait' x number of turns for one.

Money as the only build method, although an interesting idea, could be disasterous.
Things wouldn't make sense, etc.
Like paying $150 mil or so for a Scout (Blackbird), but only $10 mil for an A-10.
$500 mil or so for a Battleship, but I could've 'trained' 500 Marines instead.

If you do Money, it will have to be like Command & Conquer Generals.
Approx. $3500 for a Raptor, $1800 for a Tank, $300 for a Marine, etc.
The values are not representative of real life costs, but instead are 'balanced' for it being a videogame and all.

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