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Subject - 1.5 alpha update
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Posted By: Tully (2004-04-15 11:00:57)

I haven't posted status in a while so I thought I would. 17 tasks are done and there are 14 more go to for 1.5 alpha. The good news is only one of those (fixing the AI for the new scripting model) is hard.

You can now switch mods on and off from the options, there are four city types and new units and new unit graphics. The time it takes to start up pocket war has been reduced and map generation time has been reduced. Scenarios are working (though I still need to build a sample one) and lot of other small tweaks.

Multi-player will be completely disabled for the 1.5 alpha but other than that it should be fully playable and pretty stable. It will not however load old saved games. So finish those long running games up now.
Posted By: Shaggy (2004-04-17 07:53:28)

Any plans for a c-130 cargo plane or ground based mortar unit?
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-17 08:12:19)

I was modeling a chinook but not a c-130 yet. I want to put in a bunch of infantry units, but people are so darn hard to draw in a 16x16 square.
Posted By: Shaggy (2004-04-17 08:40:06)

What type of infantry units did you have in mind?
Posted By: Shaggy (2004-04-17 08:42:02)

try this site for chinook model:
Posted By: Shaggy (2004-04-17 08:45:29)

16x16 square? I hate to sound ignorant, but what is that?
Posted By: Shaggy (2004-04-17 09:03:00)

Try this link for c-130 info
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-17 10:30:58)

Thanks for the links those will come in handy. I have a model of a chinook that I am using. 16x16 pixels or 16 dots across and 16 dots down.
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