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Subject - Screen shots of 1.5
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Posted By: Tully (2004-04-20 22:55:38)

Here are some screen shots of 1.5
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-20 23:08:27)

shot 1 shows some of the new units in the airbase type city. From left to right is pilot, F18 Hornet, FA22 Raptor, B52 Bomber, B2 Spirit

shot 2 shows the rest an H1 Huey and SR71 Blackbird. The F14 tomcat is produced by the shipyard.

shot 3 is the new mod screen in the settings where you can turn mods on and off. I am going to try and add at least part of the description of each mod on this page as well

shot 4 shows some of the units in a "base" from left to right Infantry (still needs work), M60A3 Patton, M163 Vulcan, M998 Humvee, Engineer. What is not shown is the Mechanic.

Before the final release goes out I will add a couple more ground units, 3 more planes or so and 3 or 4 helicopters. Plus all the ships in the shipyard. There will prob be about 50 units or so that ship with the game not counting the ones specifically for scenarios.
Posted By: DWS (2004-04-21 19:49:22)


A few things to think about:

1. The tail section of the B2 doesn't look as realistic now. It's missing the middle part that juts out of the rear.
2. The Infantry unit could use a gun.
3. The M1A2 Abrahms battle tank is the world's premiere tank. Maybe replace one of your tanks with a nice Abrahms image that Ken did.
4. You might consider renaming the Base to Factory.

Criticisms aside, it's obvious a lot of improvements have already been instituted.
Eagerly anticipating the final release.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-04-21 20:01:05)

Ok, so when can us "diehard" fans get a chance to play the real thing? You are teasing us with those screen shots!!!! :)
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-21 21:03:43)

1. I've worked on the B2 over and over. It's actually a photo of a model, but when you shrink it to that size the details you need to see in the tail just don't come out.

2. Hehe, the infantry has a gun its just very very tiny. I hate the human units.

3. I just acquired a model of an Abrams it will be in 1.5. The patton is going to be moved into the city and the Abrams which will be added to the base. I will take a look at ken's for a starting spot. I am also going to incorporate his chinook into the airfield. So the city gets the huey and the airfield gets the chinook (which can move tanks or people but not both at the same time.)

4. Originally the base was called factory, Ive been waffling back and forth. If you look at the mod on disk its actually called factory.js

I have been working both with the graphics everyone is submitting and a bunch of metal models (I'm thinking about becoming a collector since I now own a sizable collection of metal military models.) There is another change I am going to make that needs larger unit images which is the other reason I got the models to work with.

Compusmurf... patients. Its still probably two weeks off. The AIs are a wreck right now, the installer doesn't work at all, the per unit stats and per unit message settings are both hosed (but should be working by the end of tonight), plus there is one more new feature I want to get in. Once that is all done 1.5 beta will go out (with multi-player disabled and no scenarios.) This version will be playable (crash free or at least very few crashes) but it might not be fun because the unit balance will be all out of whack. We shall see.

Then I have to fix up the docs, get multi-player working again, clean up the rest of the unit images, add more units, re-balance the existing ones, fix the unit maker, rebuild the mapmaker so it works, and create some sample scenarios. Once that is done 1.5 beta 2 will go out. Then its just testing and bug fixed and 1.5 will be ready to go.

Then I start on 1.8 which are the things I had planned for 1.5 beta 1 orig, with the same kind of pattern. It should go faster though because the really hard fundamental changes will all be done by then.

Then the things I had planned for 1.5 beta 2 will be added and that will be called pocket war 2.0.

After that the WWII mod is planned (I have already bought a giant stack of metal models.)

As always this is subject to change (and if you check my track record I'm sure it will.)
Posted By: Tully (2004-04-21 21:07:58)

Oh, other changes you can't see, all the changes I have been making to the low level parts of pocket war have let me drop the running memory size by about a meg, and speed up everything. It also does more runtime checks of its internals (which might eat some of the speed improvements) so it can detect problems and write out better error logs.

For those of you who like to make modes, the scripts are also more efficient and you can now write larger ones with less memory problems and fewer slowdowns. Also, script errors are reported directly in pocket war now instead of as a message box and the message box statement in the game will pop up a dialog in the game rather than a message box so you can use it all the time. I also have a setting now so you can see how much memory your scripts are using and how much you have left to work with.

So basically the pocket war core is getting much better but that is part of what is eating up the time.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-04-21 22:34:49)

Patience, huh? Ok. Well, I think I can hold on.

You can "have" the A10 to add directly in if you wish. From what I see, it's pretty popular. (Besides, it would be a pretty big ego boost to know I 'helped' design something that was in a cool program! :) )

What I wanted to bring up was WM2003 SE (Second edition)
From what I've read in some other forums, that they are dropping GAPI support?!? They are implementing something else? See Brighthand, post by PocketTV. Since it's from them, and they have a preview copy plus they are really into graphics tweaks, I'm going to trust them on this.
What they are saying, is that if the app isn't coded for the new DLL calls, instead of GAPI, it's going to break, or run excessively slow. Just thought I'd bring this up.

Also, if you haven't been following the updates, it's supposed to be able to handle VGA AND on the fly landscape.

How bad do you think WM2003 SE (Second edition) is going to break your program?

PM me or email me and I can send you the links to those postings.

Posted By: Tully (2004-04-21 22:49:59)

The A10 is on the list to be added as well.

I am disturbed about the possible lack of gapi support. I cant see it happening because 1) MS is pretty good about back-wards compatibility and 2) when pocket pc 2003 first came out if was supposed to break everything and didn't.

What I am worried about is I no longer have an upgrade path for gapidraw the graphics layer I use. It is now so expensive I cant afford to license it and get newer versions. I may be able to convince the version of gapidraw I have now to do the 640x480 thing (in the same way I support higher resolutions on the pc. That is yet to be seen.

I have a fall back plan but its not pretty. I have already started porting SDL, an open source graphics library, to the pocket pc. If I have to complete the port it will be a lot of work. The good news I will be able to release the new version SDL with pocket pc support and all the games written in SDL could move over to the pocket pc. The bad news is it will delay pocket war having support for 2003 SE for some time.
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