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Subject - Unit script - Protect?
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Posted By: Bruce (2004-05-01 21:02:01)

Cannot figure out how to set up the Protect script.
Nothing in the manual and I am assuming you can set a sub/destroyer to protect up to 4 transports? so how do you get them to cooperate?
Posted By: Tully (2004-05-02 08:00:01)

Its actually the other way around. The protect script sets up four "follow waypoints" around a unit. You can then send units to those wayponits by tapping and dragging from the unit to one of the waypoints near the other unit.

A "follow waypoint" will try to stay the same distance away from the unit it is following, and then any units following the "follow waypoint" will try and stay on top of the "follow waypoint" where it moves to. This lets you setup a paremater around a special unit. You can use lots of "follow waypoints" to create formations of units.

If a unit is set to go to a "follow waypoint" and also set to attack then it will follow the waypoint and if it sees an enemy attack it. Once the enemy is dead it will head back to the "follow waypoint".

The best use I found for this and the reason I built the protect script was for carriers. I run the script then assign the planes on the carrier to go to the follow waypoints. The planes will protect the carrier and when they get low on fuel will hop back in it and get more. Then hop back out and protect it again.
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