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Subject - Pocket War 1.5 Alpha is ready to go
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Posted By: Tully (2004-05-13 21:23:27)

The 1.5 alpha is ready go. There is one major snag that can be worked around. The install program isnt putting a link on the start menu for some reason so to run it you have to go into the /program files/metalshard directory on your pocket pc and run mge.exe. This is only if you do a clean install, if you install over your current copy of pocket war it might actually work fine.
Posted By: Tully (2004-05-13 21:29:39)

Might help if I actually attach the install program. Now remember if you install this it will overwrite your current version and you cant load old games, load old mods, or play multi player. If you have any problems with it send me an email tedson @ In the email attach saved games and the mtrace.txt from the / directory on your pocket pc or the c:/ directory on your pc.

If you have any questions just post them here.
Posted By: Tully (2004-05-13 21:32:11)

bummer its to big it timed out I will post a link to it here in a sec

Posted By: Tully (2004-05-13 22:29:08)

Here is the link
Posted By: DWS (2004-05-14 00:19:17)

New Pocket War.
Very nice overall is my initial feedback.
Multitude of Script Errors though; I'm emailing you now.
Posted By: DWS (2004-05-14 05:41:17)

Aside from the script errors..

Some things that ROCK:

1. City Names - Still the same cool, classic names.
2. City Types - The 4 types all look and function very well.
3. Graphics - All involved did a fantastic job.
4. Sounds - I swear I hear a new sound or two, maybe not.
5. Gameplay - More fun than ever. Mods will be a big bonus.
6. Load Times - Much faster.
7. Installer Size - Has been cut in half.
8. The City - I'm strangely drawn to the City.Png & CityMask.Png for some unexplained reason.
9. The Credits - No explanation provided.
10 The A.I. - No clue yet, to be honest.

Some things to CONSIDER:
1. B2 default move should be stop. Needs more bite, even if the build time goes up. I say a multi-attack.
2. Humvee default move should be explore. After all, it is a scout.
3. Make a SpecOp soldier type, better than the Marine. Call him Delta.
4. Make an M1A2 Abrams tank type (use Ken's design or make your own).
5. Allowing for the switching on and off of all units/mods, not just the city types.
6. Using more of my suggestions.
7. Expediting the retooling of the Mod Maker (with Amphibious type).
8. Alliances.
9. An Orbital Plane (allowing for Satellites, SR-71 etc. to navigate the map without getting shot down by Marines, etc.).
Those last two ideas I got from another, unmentioned, game.

Still on the WISHLIST:

*Stealth penalty recalculation at the top of the list, if not done already.
1. Green Player Color.
2. PW Window remember it's GUI position.
3. High Scores (Local).
4. Snow.
5. Sand.
Maybe those last two can be done in the form of Scenarios?
Nothing would be cooler than having an Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. type of game.


Fantastic job. Aside from some minor gripes and a lot of repetitive script errors, it is the best Pocket War to date.
The best war game just got better.
The final build should prove a 5-Star title.

..Just my two cents
Posted By: DWS (2004-05-14 05:54:19)

..almost forgot. I see Larry's name in the Credits, but the A10 is MIA..

..also, the Installer did throw a shortcut in my Start Menu folder (but I didn't have 1.08 installed).
Posted By: Tully (2004-05-14 07:59:47)

Yes, the A10, B1B, M1A2, CH-47 are all coming I just didn't put them in yet.

I'll make the unit maker program be the next thing on my list and then the map maker. That will let me build some scenarios for the next release.

It looks like I packed the wrong version of the guard_city script into the installation. I'll get that fixed up and try and have a new patch tonight or tomorrow. That will fix your script errors. I guess you noticed you can now see the script errors in the game. That was to make it easier for people to debug mods they are making. Also the scripts are nolonger packed, so you can jump in and make whatever mods you need.

I had the humvee set to stop rather than explore so you could have the oppertunity to put units in it. I was thinking of it more as a transport than a scout.

Oh, BTW, the change is already in that a unit can be marked as having more than one move type now. So you can set a unit to be both a land and sea unit. You can also add a purpose to a unit you creat. That is how the AIs know what to do with them. There are a handful of predefined purposes the stock AI can work with like "takecities", "attackground", "transport", etc. but you can build your own AI (or modify the existing one) to recognize your own special purposes then add new units that have those purposes. This is how the AIs now try and use all units including mods.

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