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Subject - Show Attacks show amount of life left in enemy
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Posted By: Tully (2004-09-01 18:53:51)

So I am working on the code that lefts units attack cities rather than having a random chance of taking the city and I came accross an issue that has had me torn for a while.

When a unit attacks another unit (or a city now) it shows how much damage the attack does but there is no way to see how much life is left in the enemy unit (or city)

Should I add that to the status display of enemy units and cities and should I try and put that in the message that is displayed when you attack someone else. (Bla did X dmg to bla Y pts left, kind of thing)?
Posted By: Tully (2004-09-01 19:02:08)

Oh another questions, the way the attacking a city works is a unit will do 1pt damage as a base each round, plus AttackCityPercent * AttackAmt extra damage each round, with a cap at AttackAmt damage.

What the heck does that mean?

If a unit has an attack of 1 it will always do 1 pt damage.

If a unit has an attack of 2 and a 50% chance of attacking a city it will do a base of 1 pt damage and have a 50% chance of doing a second point of damage.


Or should I just make it where your attack will always do AttackAmt points of damage. The way it is it models attacking an enemy unit.

On this same note I have been thinking about taking the randomness out of unit attack as well. So if a unit attacks another unit it will do AttackAmt * AttackAdj * Defense Adj damage every time.

So if a unit has a base attack of 2 and has an attack adj of 30% against air then it would do 2.6 (rounded up to 3) points of damage always. No randomness involved.

And finally with the changes to the unit cost structure that I am making the spread of unit attacks, damage, defense, etc are all going to be larger.

Where right now the range is between 1 and 5 for reasonable build times this will change to 1 and say 20. So a battleship could have a defense of 20 and an attack of 10 and a tank could have a defense of 10 and an attack of 5, and so on. This only works if I get rid of the randomness. Otherwise marines with an attack of 1 and a defense of 1 will never do any damage. But with the randomness gone if you can be sure that the marine will do that 1pt damage to the enemy it might be worth running him up there to be cannon fodder.

Posted By: Anonymous (2004-09-02 12:28:35)

As I read and not fully understand, my personal opinion would be to leave the unit attacks as a varied approach (i.e. attack adjusts etc). I believe that the fog of war applies to victory possibilities as well as land discovered. Mike
Posted By: Josh (2004-09-02 21:14:39)

I would like it if the message you get when attacking an enemy showed how much life the enemy had left.

I also like your first option for changing how attacking a city works - "a unit will do 1pt damage as a base each round, plus AttackCityPercent * AttackAmt extra damage each round, with a cap at AttackAmt damage."

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by taking the randomness out of unit attack, but I'll take a shot. If you mean that a unit would always do the same exact amount of damage (minus the defense adjustment) AND there would be no chance of missing, I would say definitely leave the randomness in. I think it would get boring if you knew exactly how much damage a unit was going to do every time it attacked.

Posted By: Tully (2004-09-05 22:58:02)

So I am working on making both mods now, I love the new city capture code. The way it works now is units can have a "damage" amount that they do to cities. And different types of cities have a different amount of "life." So some cities are really hard to capture and others are easy. Right now the amount of life is by city type. It is nice to have it this way because it is predictable. Now you know you can send that unit over there with a support team and it only has to live X turns to take the city so if you can protect it that long it will make it. This adds more strategy. Also, you know exactly how long it will take for an enemy to take your city which also adds to the strategy of the game.

I am going to go ahead and modify the unit attacking unit code to get rid of the randomness there as well. I think that will also greatly increase the strategy of the game. Now you know if unit X attacks unit Y it will die in two turns and it will do a specific amount of damage before it dies. This allows you to make much more strategic choices.

I'll keep the random code in though and if it turns out this isnt fun I can just put it back the old way.

Rebalancing the unit cost is turning out to be tricky as well. I have a feeling its going to come down to just release a beta version with the new build times in it and then getting feedback from people playing to tweak the times.
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