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Subject - Big DOH on my part
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Posted By: Tully (2004-10-24 12:59:41)

I was working on changing the way attack and defense works for the next version and realized that I never turned on defense modifiers for ground types. Since 0.8 different types of land had the abilitity to adjust how easy it was to hit certain types of units. For example, forest would add a natural defense to ground units being attacked by air units.

But when I went to go update the scripts to reflect the way the new code worked, I found that I never added any modifiers to any ground types. DOH. All the code is there but nothing uses it.

So, another new feature for the next 1.5 drop will be that different types of land will provider natural defense adjustments for certain types of units.

This next release will have something else very important in it. A chart that shows exactly how attack and defense works, along with each units attack and defense modifiers and each land types natural defense modifiers.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-10-24 15:12:51)

Cool. sounds like a great feature. Any idea when we will get to preview the next alpha/beta release?
Posted By: Tully (2004-10-24 19:11:30)

Im rebuilding and rebalancing all the units. The balance probably wont be that good first cut, but once I have it where it seems to play ok then I will pack up a new release.

It seems pretty stable, but I always think that until other people get their hands on it.

I would guess that the next release will be ready to go by halloween
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