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Subject - Problems issuing licenses
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Posted By: Tully (2004-11-20 16:27:38)

We have had a lot of people purchasing pocket war lately with mailboxes that are full or typoing their email, etc. If you do this we can't send you an unlock code for the game. If you have ordered pocket war and did not get an unlock code then please drop us an email using an email account you know is good.

Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-23 22:49:45)

sorry for being so pushy about the code. I was under the impression that it was coming by snail mail (w/in 2days). Every day, twice a day, I checked the mailbox for the code. Junkies can get pretty rude and indignant if they are denied their fix for too long.
Posted By: Tully (2004-11-23 23:06:16)

HeHe, been there. Actually I am there now. I ordered an I-mate JAM so I would finally have an updated pocket pc to test with, but I didn't realize it wasn't shipping yet. So its been 12 days now I was wondering where my order was. Finally I got hold of someone at expansys and they pointed out it wasn't available yet and I would have to wait another 13 days. As well. Such is life. And now I will be able to call it a Christmas present to myself. =)

What the real problem here is the system I have in place is dependent on e-mail which is unreliable. I need to add a "have you placed an order but not recieved it yet" button to the website that will let you resend your information to yourself.

That would also take the "I have forgot my password again" requests off my shoulders (I swear people write those passwords down somewhere) =)

My other thought was just to remove the password from the login info. If I did that and you knew what email address you used to place the order then you could log in using just that email address. Its less secure but its not like this website has bank account info on it or anything like that.
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