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Subject - I haven't received my order yet
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Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-22 15:45:19)

It has been 13 days since I paid for my code and I have not recieved it yet. I emailed customer support with all my info and they have not responded. Don't waste your money unless you're into poor customer support and/or being had. If I don't get action soon, I will dispute the charge and pursue other avenues. If you're listening Metalshard, one disgruntled customer is worth a thousand silent happy ones... You need to get it together fellas.
Posted By: Tully (2004-11-22 16:14:36)

Your emailbox is full. Every email I have sent to you has bounced back (assuming this is who I think it is.) Please clean out your netzero mailbox or send me an email from another email address.
Posted By: Tully (2004-11-22 16:15:42)

I even posted the license problem message below just for you in the hopes you would think to email me from a different account.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-22 18:41:24)

Funny, Customer Support has always been most helpful and very quick to respond.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-23 12:16:03)

Not everything you don't understand is someone else's fault. I think the folks at Metalshard are doing an outstanding job. If you ever play this game or have played it you should know that the last thing it is is a waste of money. Just my two cents.
Posted By: Charles (2004-11-23 13:49:04)

The Folks at Metalshard have cost me countless hours of wearing out the screen on my PDA.

I keep telling myself, "I will stop playing this game after I capture this city", "But, the city next to it isn't as well defended, I should have it in a couple turns..."

Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-23 15:43:08)

Okay, okay, I'm a dork for not being just a little bit more patient. Just trying to turn up the heat a little to get a response. Tully took care of the issue. GOOD JOB! Sorry to be a pain, squeeky wheel gets the oil and all that. Later.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-11-23 18:45:10)

"If you ever play this game or have played it you should know that the last thing it is is a waste of money."

Yeah, unfortunately, I've spent many, many, many hours playing this game. My girlfriend calls it the "Stupid war game" on that "stupid handheld thing" that you spend playing for too many "blank, blank" hours.

I will have to say, Tully needs to start a new program. This one not for computers, but for Pocket War Anonymous. I need help!!!! (Or NOT!)
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