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Subject - If only I had more time
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Posted By: Tully (2004-11-23 23:10:28)

I would like to get a stable 1.5 version of pocket war out before Christmas. I don't think I can do that and keep the scenario stuff in. What would everyone think about a 1.5 final with what is there now minus scenarios (I would remove that menu item), minus the bugs, plus more units, unit balancing, and updated mods on the website?
Posted By: GŁnter-Heinz (2004-11-24 11:21:48)

ok with the new stripped down feature list there are 9 more things left for me to do and then a 1.5 prerelease will be ready. If you havent already please try out the 1.5 beta 2 and give me feedback on the new rebalance.
Posted By: Tully (2004-11-24 11:22:46)

hehe, doh that was me. Anyway with any luck I should have the prerelease ready to go by this weekend.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-24 13:25:50)

It's not letting me log in, so I'll leave an anonymous comment. It's Compusmurf.

Anyway, I was thinking...

Release the game.
Sell the scenarios as small addons.

I think that would be reasonable. Call them "expansion packs" or something. This is an acceptable method.

I also thought that you should separate the desktop from PPC versions and sell them separately as well. (I never use the desktop, only PPC)

Just my 0.02 worth.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-11-24 13:26:51)

oh, and is the beta 2 newer than what you posted 2-3 weeks ago???

Posted By: Tully (2004-11-24 14:51:27)

beta 2 is the one I posted two or three weeks ago
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