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Subject - Feature Request
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Posted By: Compusmurf (2003-03-29 15:42:17)

Here's a feature I notice missing.

When the game is over, how about some "fancy" flash screen that comes out and says "you win" I noticed my latest game was over 'by accident'.
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-03-30 11:50:45)

Well along those same lines, if you put in a fancy screen for winning, you have to put in a screen for losing. Something maybe to mock you? Make you wanna try harder the next time... he he he...
Posted By: es (2003-03-30 22:08:04)

I think this game is too classy for a screen that mocks you if you lose. Just a simple screen that says "You have perished...please try again" or something like that is my preference.

Posted By: Guy (2003-03-31 01:27:20)

What about a punishment if you loose?
Hard reset for example...
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-31 11:02:02)

It does need to do a better job of informing you. I was thinking about adding things like your final score and maybe an image to that game over page. So if you lose it will show a burning tank and maybe if you win it will show a rainbow and ponies (I have no idea what to show for a winning game.)
Posted By: Compusmurf (2003-03-31 11:13:02)

I don't know about the rainbow and ponies. Maybe a "general's star" and a battle flag that states you have conquered your foe!
Posted By: Tully (2003-03-31 11:22:09)

Posted By: EvilOne (2003-03-31 12:39:51)

How about making the win/lose graphics a file that can be changed by the user. So if they want something more, like a soldier holding a decapitated head if you win.. But a modifiable graphic would be cool.
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