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Subject - Bug in VGA.
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Posted By: J (2004-11-30 00:32:50)

When in true VGA, you have to tap in the upper left hand corner to get any response, even though the image is stretched across the whole screen. Please fix this so the game can be played on the new VGA pocket pcs. Thanks
Posted By: Tully (2004-11-30 01:28:02)

The bad news is I cant for this release. I am stuck on an old version of a third party graphics library that doesnt support VGA and I have not found a replacement for it yet. I am currently looking at pocket frog, SDL, and a new lib to see if I can move the game over to one of those. Once I do, I should be able to support true VGA without a problem (at VGA resolution no less.) The game itself is ready to run in VGA mode. For that matter the desktop version already does. Unfortunately once I pick a new graphics library it will probably take a month or two to get everything moved over to it. :(

I wish I had a better answer than that.
Posted By: J (2004-11-30 08:34:15)

Man. That stinks! I don't know if PocketFrog supports VGA yet either. I guess PocketWar is pretty much useless to me now (at least for a while). I'll uninstall and come back in a few months to see if there is any improvement. I'm sure I am not the only VGA user that will be sad about losing PW for a few months.

Thanks for your efforts though
Posted By: Tully (2004-11-30 08:58:56)

Which device are you running it on? I have had other people tell me it was running fine in the 320x240 mode on VGA devices?
Posted By: J (2004-11-30 11:05:13)

Dell Axim x50v
Posted By: Eric B. (2004-12-02 19:34:40)


I am running the game just fine on my X50v. J, could it be a conflict with something else?

Posted By: Tully (2004-12-02 19:39:55)

I think someone said it was running fine on a ASUS pocket pc as well. I have a friend who works at Dell and he is going to try and borrow a X50v for me over the weekend, so I can try it out.
Posted By: Charles (2004-12-03 06:48:48)

I running an iPaq Hx4700 using version 1.52 of Pocket War.

The game is playable in normal VGA normal, however the game does aborts sometimes when I double click on a unit or lasso a set of units.

Thanks for a great game.
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