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Subject - Can't get it to play without crashing
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Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-02 18:47:09)

Help! I recently downloaded v1.08.
It crashes constantly- I thought it was the mods but I removed all mods and it still crashes. If I let the game run I can get it to go maybe 30 turns and it just freezes up (I'm talking about on my Windows XP laptop, not my PDA). Sometimes it freezes up after every turn.

I'd really like to play the game without it locking up- Tully is this a known problem? Should I perhaps download v1.5x to get a version wtihout crash issues?

Tully thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this one. It's such a great game I'm getting frustrated by not being able to play!

Posted By: Tully (2004-12-02 19:07:58)

1.08 does have certain situations that can make it crash. Its related to the map and how the enemy AIs track things, but that uaually only happens in games that go for 1000s of turns.

Does this happen when you start a new game or is it only with a specific saved game? If it happens with every new game you start then try the 1.5 and see if it has the same crash issues.

If it still happens in 1.5 then it might be something about your PC (graphics card, windows version, other software, etc) that is making it crash, or you are just running into something we havent found. If it keeps happening in 1.5 there are things we can do to try and figure out what it is thats causing it.
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