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Subject - PocketWar 1.5 pre-release out on website
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Posted By: Tully (2004-12-05 11:07:14)

The pre-release for 1.5 is now ready for download. I tried to fix some problems with the way the licenses codes work. This is going to force everyone to generate new codes. In preperation for this I have wiped out all codes associated with everyone's accounts, so everyone is free to regen new codes without worry of running out.

Whats new in the pre-release:

* Updated all of the city and most of the unit images
* Fixed the bug that kept the new scripts from loading if old scripts were present
* Added new units and changed most of the human units
* Reactivated server based multiplayer
* Fixed a bug that allowed the fuel and health status bars to overlapp
* Changed cities so they can only service units they can make
* Changed the way license codes work to try and make them more stable (better but not totally fixed)
* Reworked documentation
* Finalized 1.5 install
* other minor fixes
* fixed an instability problem that could be seen when grouping units

So this version should be pretty stable. If I have to change anything else I will try and make the 1.5 final compatible with this pre-release version so your saved games will still work. 1.5 pre-release is not compatable with the beta versions so if you upgrade you will lose your saved games.

If you find any problems let me know so I can try and get them all taken care of. As soon as I have 100% sure everything is stable then I will call this version 1.5 final instead.

Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-12-05 12:24:35)

You da man!

Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-12-05 15:42:53)

Been playing 1/2 the day.

My comments.

The new cities are ok.

Some of the new characters, I question.

On my screen, the "Javelin" person looks like a GHOST!!!! (With his arms raised) Kind of strange looking. Should have made it like a marine with a rifle or something.

The stinger dude is really sharp!

Also noticed something else before.

when using the transport and using the transport script, can you change the "number color" from black to white? There are conditions where you can't see the black number when choosing the pickup and dropoff points.
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-05 19:06:06)

I redrew the Javelin three times and I still dont like it. The problem is a javelin is fired from a kneeling position, yet is still shoulder mounted. There are other human units you can swap it out for by chaning the image in the factory.js script. rec.png and recmask.png, pilot.png and pilotmask.png are both human shapped unused images you could swap it out for.

I also forgot to change out the images for the units the eningeer can build. I still need to do that and check the names of the naval vessels.

I'll look at the transport color problem it should be easy to fix.

Are there any other images you dont like?
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-12-05 20:17:14)

Well, the Abrams is kind of strange, but it's ok. It doesn't look like a ghost like the javelin guy.....

The chinook is Extremely cool too. I like the color blades. In fact, I think it'd be cool to make the other helicoptors with color blades too!!! That, I thought, was rather sharp.

The naval base, uh, what are the white "mountains" sticking out the top???

Did you understand what I meant about the waypoint colors when using scripts?
Posted By: Compusmurf (2004-12-05 20:19:02)

* Changed cities so they can only service units they can make

This I DON'T like at all....

If I have to transport a bunch of stuff to an island with only one type of city, how can I repair them?
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-05 21:31:59)

The naval base is a shipyard. Those are the big cranes that are used to build ships.

I only have 18x18 pixels to work with here. Work with me. :)

You have to use support units. Aircraft carriers, transports and mechanics. By making that change you have to worry more about logistics. That is also why I took the airstrips, etc out of the engineer. (Though I have a feeling that will be quickly put back via mods.)

In play testing I also found that radar stations are much more important than they used to be. Since the random chance is gone a unit can jump out of the "darkness" and kill you in one shot. A B52 that you dont see coming can be devistating. Sprinkling the land with cheap radar stations is now a very useful idea.

Im slowly moving towards more strategy and more realism for pocketwar. Future releases will include fuel and ammo for everything so logistics and supply lines will be more important. However, I don't want to sacrifice "fun" for "more real" so if these things are more annoying then fun I can always put a setting in to let you switch it back to the way classic pocket war ran.

Oh and some units are servicable by more than one city type. Ex. hueys can go to airports as well as cities to get repaired. Pattons can go to both cities and bases.
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-05 21:33:16)

Oh I like the idea about the helicopters. I went ahead and changed them all.
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