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Subject - new code each time i load a new update
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Posted By: Russell (2004-12-17 11:10:43)

each time i see a newer version and download it, i have to request a new reg number. what gives. only happening on my pc not by pocket. i only have two left.
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-17 11:31:42)

The new 1.5 version required a new codes set (I tried to improve the way the license code stuff worked.) I wiped out all previously generated codes before pushing out 1.5 since I knew everyone would have to generate new ones.

1.56 (I think it was) onward should not require new codes. So upgrading from 1.56 to 1.58 and 1.581 should not have required new codes. The same is true for 1.6 when it is ready to go.

Any time I work on the license codes stuff and it will force everyone to get new codes I will wipe out all previous ones. (Also if you have codes you aren't using just send them to me and I can remove them from you account.)

I wish none of this was needed.
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