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Subject - Did I get the right version?
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Posted By: earl (2004-12-19 16:03:21)

Lost my old game when pd crashed, but now after getting the new one up on my pda I found that I cant make air fields docks for ships. Is this the new version? It now has more tanks and plains then it had before.. like f22 and f14s where the old one I had didnt. I also only see one mod for down load. Guess im new at this.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-19 16:19:07)

yes its the new version. The docs and airfields were taken out, but will come back as mods. In the new version you have to use things like aircraft carriers to move the planes around, and there is a mechanic now that can repair ground units.

The mods all have to be reworked for the new version and only one unit has been rebuilt so far along with a couple of the support scripts.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-21 10:36:53)

Ok thanks, Im starting to like this one now. Your right, now you have to use the carriers where before it was not much use. But you can stick a lot of units in some of the ground carriers and then stick them in a boat so you seem to have lots of units in just one boat. Is this a oversight?
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-21 10:51:50)

Its a shortcoming right now. Units dont have the concept of "size" they only classified by their mobility type. In a later release "size" will be added and that will stop you from being able to do that. It will also get rid of the I can put a tank in a small helecopter problem.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-21 11:11:19)

One more question, I tried to do the mod thing. Do I put the files a dir called MODS on my Pda (I had to make it because it wasnt there and the mod seems not to work) Or is it something like programs\pocketwar\mods\a10 <putting all the files there or do they all just go to the mods dir? Sorry for my messed up question. I see the mods on the pda in them menu but they seem not to work. Do I have to start a new game to make them work? Maybe you can just tell me what to do to get them to work on my pda? Guess im just slow ....
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-21 14:55:37)

The mods usually go in a /mods/ModName under your pocket war installation wherever that is. So if pocket war is at /programs/metalshard/pocketwar then the mods should go in /programs/metalshard/pocketwar/mods/ModName

Read the readme file with each mod though. Most are made by players and even through that is the standard that may not be how the person who made the mod packaged it.

All mods usually require a new game to be started for them to take place.
Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-28 22:26:43)

Well after playing the new version above, I think the older was harder. The new one dosnt make all the nice ground guns and AA for the computer players. (it did it on the easy level before). Or will it make them on the harder levels now?
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-28 23:39:06)

Its still in the AI to make fixed weapons, but it has a lot more choices on what to do now so it doesnt build a fleet of fixed weapons any more.
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