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Subject - two new mods added for 1.5
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Posted By: Tully (2004-12-20 23:48:46)

Two new mods have been added to help with logistics. A repair depot has been added that can repair and refuel ground and hover untis and an air strip has been added that can service air based units.

I discovered two bugs along the way, refueling units is to expensive and if you have to many mods loaded you cant see them all on the mod settings page. I will fix both those and release 1.59 before Christmas.
Posted By: Wary (2004-12-23 02:56:18)

Hi Tully

I downloaded the air strip mod yesterday to try it out, but it is giving an error on saved games. If I start a new game with the mod installed, that is fine. I can also then save the game. however if I then load that saved game a brief error message is shown on screen (see attached mtrace file). It seems to be about a line of the code in the java file for the mod.


Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-23 08:19:53)

That means the mods are loading out of order, I must have set the priority wrong on them. Thanks I'll take a look at it.
Posted By: Tully (2004-12-23 10:04:08)

The mods have been updated. They will work now but the fix was a hack. There is a problem with the core scripting engine when you load mods for mods (ie the airstrip modifies the engineer.)

So for now this will hold you over and I will fix the real problem when 1.59 is ready.
Posted By: Wary (2004-12-24 05:36:57)

Hi Tully

The air strip mod now works fine, but I don't seem to be able to build a sea cannon with the engineer anymore.

Have a good Christmas


Posted By: Anonymous (2004-12-24 08:19:18)

The sea cannon was removed in RC2. There wasnt a real world equivlent of it so I took it out.
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