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Subject - Ch47
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-01-09 08:28:34)

Dont know if this is a bug, but my Ch47 was trying to get some more gas at the airfield. (it was loaded with jets) after trying to land on it I found the air field was gone! I soon found out that it was flying around with the airfield inside of it? Kinda cool I guess... but it still had 6 f22s on the airfiled. I also found that it can pick up the gun and AA units also.. Is this right?
Posted By: Tully (2005-01-09 09:29:24)

Can you zip up your Ch47 mod and post it here
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-01-09 21:43:21)

Its from the new game I dl here I guess. But I found it only works if you have three air units at the air base (guess its full and cant land anymore units). Then all you got to do is fly the Ch47 over the air base and load her up planes and all. So is it a bug for the CH 47 to pick up the AA units and ground guns or part of the game? (Guess I got carried away when I said it had 6 f22s on it.)
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-01-09 21:53:04)

Cool. I would think that's a bug.
I can see the CH47 carrying AA and arty as they "should" be air transportable.

However a whole airfield full of aircraft! Too funny.

Try this.

Make 10 airfields, 10 CH47's and tons of aircraft.
Land all the aircraft on the first 7 airfields until they are full
Use the CH47's to pick up all the fields but the 3 empty ones.
Then, land all the full CH47's on the empty ones until they are all full.
Then, use the remaining CH47's to pickup those airfields.

Instant air wing in a few CH47's!!!!

Talk about air superiority!!!!

Then, look thru the msgs where the repair unit does the same thing and do it with ground units...

Instant invasion force with just a few units!!!

:) Of course, that's cheating.... And, I'm sure Tully will fix it quickly!

Posted By: Tully (2005-01-09 22:00:53)

this all goes back to everything needing a size.
Posted By: Russell (2005-01-11 15:28:59)

I made a mod for an LHA. it has the firepower with ship guns a la NGFS. can carry 2 transports loaded with tanks or bradleys (carring 2 infanry inside), 2 heavy lift helo's with troops, CH47 or my CH53, an 2 attack helo's. any larger transport would have made build time to long to wait for. considering making a LSD to carry transport to go with my LHA, to make good size landing force.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-01-18 10:16:23)

Send the mods to Tully so he can post them!

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