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Subject - Problem in v1.602
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-01-23 17:59:55)

I have noticed a problem with troops in Hueys. Here's the steps that sometimes causes the problem:

1. Pick a Military Police. Two police appear in the Hueys.
2. Release one from Huey. The clone police remains and can not be removed.
( I've seen this problem since 1.58 )
3. Refuel at an airport. Leave airport.
4. The clone police became a usable Raptor.
5. Release Raptor.

Pocket PC version 1.602 on a Ipaq Hx4700
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-01-23 21:38:22)

where do pick the police at

Posted By: Charles (2005-01-24 08:23:00)

sorry, I did not proof read.

Pick up a Military Police for transport.
Posted By: Tully (2005-01-24 10:05:29)

How did you move the police to the huey did you drag a waypoint from the police unit to the huey or set the police unit to transport or move the huey to the police unit. Also does this happen all the time or just every now and then?
Posted By: Charles (2005-01-24 11:55:14)

It happens when I make the police unit a waypoint for the huey.
It happens now and then.

Next time it occures, I will send you the save file. It happens more often on a small map.
Posted By: Tully (2005-01-24 13:16:50)

Ok cool. I will keep trying to recreate it here.
Posted By: Charles (2005-01-26 09:04:33)

Here's a game file with a Huey with a clone police unit. The Huey is number 5.

I think having the Hx4700's "Nav Point" is cursor mode is conflicting with Pocket War. The "Nav Point" allows the HPx4700's touchpad to operating as a Mouse. The cursor is not visible during the game.
Posted By: Tully (2005-01-26 18:49:04)

I can see it but I cant reproduce it. So basically the Huey was empty then it picked up a police unit and when you looked inside the huey there was two of them.

I hate problems like this. I will keep trying to figure out what the exact cause is.
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