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Subject - Anyone interested in meeting the C130 family?
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Posted By: Russell (2005-01-31 16:03:38)

Welcome to the C130 family, we have our AC130 Gunship great agaist land units, the C130 transport to get equipment across the distants. The KC130 Tanker when you need that extra fuel for you A/C's. Beware however these aircraft can meet your daily battlefield needs, but they do not hold up to gunfire very well. Also have a mobile field Artilery piece if you need one great at supporting the troops moving forward, but must be potected will not hold up to direct fire. Interested? let me know and I will post my units for download.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-01-31 16:50:50)

Why haven't you sent it to Tully for posting yet?????
Posted By: Michael (2005-02-01 08:30:16)

I'm interested. Send them to Tully let's bring the old boys in.
Posted By: Tully (2005-02-01 08:48:26)

Hi Russell,

Either zip them up and post them here or email them directly to me and I will give them the once over and post them to the mods section. Make sure you put readme files in them like the current mods have and let me know what name you would like posted next to the mod on the website.
Posted By: Russell (2005-02-04 09:25:41)

Here is my c130 group. Tully take a look at them. and if you can improve on the pics feel free to do so.
and you can pick a name for the group.
Posted By: Tully (2005-04-19 23:50:02)

Totally dropped the ball on this one. I finally added all the mods to the download section. Sorry it took so long.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-05-27 12:31:10)

The C-130 is the primary way I move troops, now. However, my refuel birds have a nasty habit of wandering right into enemy territory, where they are ripped up by enemy fire. Is there a way to make them orbit the Carrier?
Posted By: Tully (2005-05-27 16:39:00)

yes you can create follow waypoints. These are waypoints that will track a unit but stay a certain distance away.

There is a script called protect that ships with the game. Run it on the carrier and it will create the waypoints. Then just set the unit to follow one of the waypoints that was created.
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