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Subject - Whats coming up
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Posted By: Tully (2005-02-01 09:07:19)

Hi guys thought I would give you the usual heads up on whats coming up so you could offer feedback. Here is what is planned for version 2.0 the list is short but every item is really complex...

* Move entire app off of gapidraw and onto SDL. I now have SDL and some simple sample apps running on both my pocket pc and smart phone. The next step will be to start the conversion of pocket war iteself. This will allow pocket war on the pocket pc to run at 320x240, 240x320, 640x480, 480x640 and any other resolution I need to run at in the future. Moving to SDL will also open up some potential new platforms like palm, symbian, mac os, and linux (again. For those who dont know linux was the first platform pocket war ran on.)

* Be able to control the entire app with two buttons and the directional pad. Stylus control will still be there, but a new control scheme will be added. This will also let me get the game to run on devices that dont have touch screens.

* Map editor / Scenarios, I dont know if anyone noticed but the 1.6 version has a little pencil at the top of the screen. That is a disabled version of the map editor. The way it will works is at any time during a single player game you can click the pencil and edit the map you are playing. Yes, it could be used to cheat, but it also will give you the flexability to save a game that you find really challenging and play "what if" with it. Or start up a new game and create a whole new map from scratch. The scenario button will also be enabled and you will be able to play scenarios. A scenario is a script that loads it own set of mods and a map, so you can build custom AIs, and units and have only that map load them. The code for this is already in the game just not turned on.

* Unit Weight - units will be given a weight and transports will have a max weight they can transport. This will take care of the units, in units, in units problem.

* New Attacks - stun, poison, and splash damage will be added to the potential attacks units can make. Poison will cover things like radiation, poison gas, etc. Most this codes is already in the game and just isn't used right now. With this will also come new defenses to resist these attacks and new abilities like cure poison (for medic type units)

* New land types and ability for land to have attacks - this will allow you to create swamps that can have the "stun" attack which would give you a chance to have a unit crossing the swamp miss a turn.

* More and better AIs - the AI is still missing a knock out punch. That still needs to be worked out.

* New sounds and music - pocket war has always been lacking here, I am talking to a real music person now to see about overhauling all the sound in pocket war. This will come down to can I get it done for a reasonable price. I can strech myself and do the graphics, but I just cant do the music.

Thoughts on all of this? Other things everyone would like to see?
Posted By: Sascha (2005-02-01 16:11:29)

My main wishes: VGA Version (I have a HP 4705) and difeerent AI types!
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-02-04 09:29:49)

I second the VGA version.....
Posted By: TJ (2005-02-22 20:28:22)

I love the game, in the new version will there be a way to define which types of units you could have in a game, ideally by different players. I find the AI not a challenging sometime and wonder if I were limited to only certain types of units or they were using more of the mods how would game be different. Also, I fantized sometime about a limited game, e.g. midevil time, where large units like tanks or battle ships might not be involved. Mostly love the game.
Posted By: Tully (2005-02-22 20:56:32)

Both changes, AIs only having specific units and removing other units can be done through mods in the current game. I will see if I can find a little time to put together a "how to" on that.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-02-23 07:30:46)

Sounds great! What sort of time frame are we talking about here?
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-02-23 09:09:09)

Until I get moved into the new house and the triplets are born I can't make any time promises. I will try and steal a few cycles when I can.
Posted By: David (2005-04-04 20:31:24)

How about a "capture" feature, too?
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