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Subject - Arctic Hunter Mod Tutorial
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Posted By: Rich (2005-02-17 05:14:03)

As a "mod" neophyte I feel the Arctic Hundter Mod Tutorial referred to on page 38 of the script reference materials would be interesting/useful, but the link seems to have been removed. Is it still available anywhere?
Posted By: Tully (2005-02-17 07:38:12)

It's good to see that someone is reading the manual for a change. :)

Arctic hunder fell behind as the way you make mods changed. It need brought back up to date then re-added.
Posted By: Tully (2005-02-17 07:38:34)

Are you interested in trying to build a full mod for Pocket War?

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-02-17 08:23:07)

I'm at a level where a basic primer regarding program modification would be in order (until recently, I thought the term "mod" was 70's slang for a type of fashion). After learning the fundamentals, I'd be up for anything.
Posted By: Rich (2005-02-18 02:49:53)

It looks like my question is answered in a response you made to a January 24 posting entitled "Programming Mods".
Posted By: David (2005-04-04 20:28:49)

Can one remove what a city or factory can currently build and move it to another unit for construction (the latter, certainly, with a mod with different properties that replaces a current unit)? Attempts so far haven't worked...
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