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Subject - Error: max 131072 used 64424
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-03-05 09:20:25)

I just downloaded the new v1.6. I just tried to run a new game vs 3 comp players, difficulty M, size M. The map generated successfully, but on turn 0 I received the error dialogue listed in the subject. Has anyone experience anything like this?

I am going to tinker with a few other settings and see if I can affect the problem.
Posted By: goodie1977 (2005-03-05 09:27:29)

I reduced the number of players and have not had the same problem.

If Tully or anyone else could point me to the log locations I will look them over and see if I can find anything?
Posted By: Tully (2005-03-05 10:15:45)

send me the mtrace.txt file it would be in the / directory of your pda or in the c:/ directory of your pc.

That error means the script tried to allocate more memory and couldn't get it. But the thing that is strange is there is still 64k of script memory free which should be plenty.
Posted By: goodie1977 (2005-03-23 14:16:21)


Sorry for the delay on my end. I eliminated several mods and have not had a recurrence. I didn't get the mtrace or write down all the mods at that time, I apologize as I know that helps you out with bug fixes.
Thanks for the instructions on the mtrace.txt file. If I have any future bugs I will make a point to post that with my message.

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