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Subject - Game Balance
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Posted By: Stand (2005-03-29 09:56:44)

I'm fairly new to PocketWar, so feel free to flame away if this is a dumb observation, but it seems to me that the units lack balance. Infantry have no chance against armor. Fighters are very fragile. Bombers wipe out all in their path. Seems like the attack/defense calculations could use a little tweaking. Although I did once manage to sink a damaged battleship with a destroyer, it seems that 99% of the time combat is more like rock/paper/siccors (this kills that, and these kill those...)

Also, I've run into dead-end situations where I'm on an island and can't get off. If your first island doesn't have bases or ports, the only way to expand is to put men in Hueys. If the next island has one enemy tank on it, you can land men all day and still get nowhere. I think the game would play better with fewer unit and city types, and you have to have access to them all somehow. Perhaps an engineer could build a base that can build any type of unit.

Any thoughts, corrections, suggestions???

Posted By: Tully (2005-03-29 10:15:02)

Each unit tends to have a weakness (though the weakness can be cost.) So it is very paper/rock/siccors style of play. Fighters are fragile but can wipe out bombers. Bombers are deadly but die easily, etc.

Also damage is cumulative, so a collection of small units can take out a large one. Each unit (except special ones like bombers) only gets to attack one time per round, and you can calculate exactly how much damage one unit will do against another (its not random its a fixed amount based on attack strength, defense strength, and how good one type of unit is at attacking another.) So a single destroyer can't take out a battleship in a one on one fight, but three destroyers can (though you will probably lose one of the three.) Or if you have a submarine the submarine can kill the battleship easily.

Something that might help you is attack waypoints. If you click on a unit and drag a waypoint the unit will go to that waypoint. If you click on a unit and drag a waypoint that ends on an enemy unit then your unit will focus on that enemy unit and attack nothing but it. So in your three destroyer game, you would take all three destroyers and drag waypoints from them to the battleship, which tells them to hunt down the battleship and kill it.

There are other kinds of waypoints as well, that let you follow your own units or setup formations to protect your own units, etc.

The island thing is a hard situation to win that I will give you. The game tries not to let that happen but it's not perfect.
Posted By: David (2005-04-04 20:07:54)

Some thoughts: add a feature that allows units to combine attack & defense, thus recon squad x2 = squad x4? = platoon, etc. Along these lines, a Bradley could carry a recon squad but no more and could then add its offense to the unit (but not defense, because the armor is all there is...) This would make the play even more realistic. One could then build companies, regiments, battalions, divisions, corps, or whatever. This would also apply to aircraft flight, quadron, wing, etc, and armor. By combining multiple units (troops, artillery, AA, tanks) the resulting block, moving from square to square would yield a "group" that could more readily attack and defend in a realistic fashion.

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