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Subject - Can carriers outrun planes?
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Posted By: Stand (2005-03-29 10:02:23)

Generally when you leave units on auto-pilot they do fairly well. However, when I built my first carrier I put six planes on it and told it to sail to the other side of the world. The planes buzzed around on thier own clearing out black space (nice), but when the carrier stopped there were only 2 planes left. The only explaination that I could think of is that the carrier actually out-ran the planes, and they spashed in the ocean after running dry. Is this possible? Should it be?

Posted By: Tully (2005-03-29 10:06:26)

What will happen is the planes will head away from the carrier and keep track of how much fuel they need to get back based on where the carrier is at any moment in time, but then if the carrier moves in the opposite direction from the plane the plane wont have enough fuel to get back. It is best to park the carrier while the planes are out or there is a setting (settings->general->more->refuel buffer) that will tell the planes how much fuel to try and keep. This will give the planes a little buffer in case the carrier is moving away.

Lastly, if there is another place to refuel that is closer to the planes then the planes will go there instead of the carrier.
Posted By: Stand (2005-03-29 10:15:09)

OK, that all makes sense (and actually it is pretty smart). But if I remember correctly, both the planes and the carrier were able to move 4 spaces a turn. A plane would have a better chance to catch up with the carrier if it could actual fly faster than 30-40 knots!

Of course, the down-side to faster planes is that it makes air-to-air combat strange, with planes zooming in and out from seemingly nowhere, giving you no chance to react...
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-04 07:28:19)

...And I thought the carrier was going mach 1.2 ! ! !

Dan H...
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