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Subject - Ungroup feature?
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Posted By: Stand (2005-03-29 10:04:43)

I like the way you can drag over a group of units and tell them all to go somewhere. However, it seems a bit awkward to break up the group by going to each unit individually and setting them free. Is there a way to disband a group with one command?

Posted By: Tully (2005-03-29 10:17:10)

Go to the group view (click on a unit in a group) and click the red X next to each unit in the view. That will kick the units out the of the group. You dont have to see the details of each unit to do that but you do still have to click each one seperatly.
Posted By: Stand (2005-03-29 10:29:54)

OK. I've been afraid to touch any red Xs ever since I thought I was deleting waypoints but was actually deleting units. I have since disabled the disband button...
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-02 07:29:00)

Gee, I dont think your the only one to learn that the hard way either!!!.
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