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Subject - Modz: Observations
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-17 23:34:30)

If one were to replace the graphics and sound effects in the respective directories with their own versions, couldn't one effectively "reskin" the game. A good example would be to replace all the tiles, unit graphics, and sound effects with medivel versions to give a "dark ages" feel. You would probably have to keep the filenames the same, however. So, this leads me to the next logical conclusion, couldn't one make a "Theme Editor" for the game, similar to the unit editor, where you could replace all of the graphics with your own version.

Some other random thoughts/ideas/projects:

I am working on a See Bee type unit that is mobile and can build a special unit called a Bivouc. The Bivouc can then build LCAC's, and LST's. The LCAC is a hoover unit (can a hoover unit go over water?) that can transport troops and the LST is a sea unit that can transport tanks. I have the See Bee and Bivouc done, and am working on the LCAC and LST units. Currently my Bivouc has the same build list as a shipyard and it seems to be working without a hitch.

Posted By: Tully (2005-04-18 08:16:00)

Yes if you replace all the tiles you can reskin the game. You can keep the names the same, or you can go through the list of script files and change the names that the graphics point at. You would probably want to do that anyway because you would want to change the names of the units at the same time (would be funny to see a guy on a horse called a tank.)

You can also switch off the four basic city types and add new city types (castles) and build new unit types to go with them. A guy named Ken did this for an older version of the game (dragon wars) but the mod system has changed so much since then that his mods no longer work. You can get his origional mod here and use it as a starting spot if you want. DONT INSTALL IT INTO THE POCKETWAR SUBDIRECTORY. If you do it might mess things up. Unzip it someplace else then you can take a look at the files it contains (sounds and images are probably all that still work.)

As for your see bee type unit. If you look at the transport types list in the script file usually it is set for -AllLand or -AllAir which lets it transport all of that type. Instead you might want to set it to something more specific like set the Bivouc to only be -LCAC-LST and the LCAC should eb set to -Marine (etc) and the LST to -Abrams (etc.) That will limit which units can hold which other units.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-18 13:30:12)

Outstanding! That tip for the transportation limit is exactly what I was looking for. I had it set for -AllLand, but everything would load, including tanks. I will make that change to allow only the Abrams for the LST and only the Marine for the LCAC. Thanks again for an outstanding, extensible game. I haven't had this much fun since Neverwinter Nights ;).

Oh, one more thing, if you don't mind, how does one register on the forum with an actuall user name?

By the way, I have converted the Bradely fighting vehicle to Mod 1.5 format. If you would like I can upload it. I am also looking at converting the "dragon war" mod, with your permission (and the original authors permission if neeed) to Mod 1.5 format.

Posted By: Tully (2005-04-18 13:36:49)

Take a look at the way the mods are on the website and if you zip yours up like that with a little text file (feel free to copy and paste liberally from exisiting ones) that talks about installation I will be happy to post the mods on the download page with your name on it.

As for the forum names, go into the "your account" page (menu at the top of the screen) and in the "Personal Information" section there is a button to change the settings. There you can change your forum name.

I'm sure Ken wouldn't care if you got dragon wars going again. I have his email address I can drop him a line to make sure.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-18 16:32:26)

Cool, I have the Bradley done now. As for the login, I will have to wait until you recieve my check (mailed out on Saturday) and I recieve the full copy. I have been working with the Shareware version and can't wait to get the full version [things only begin to get interesting after 150 turns ;) ]. I'll upload the Bradley now.


By the way, my name is Scott, aka SanDog.
Posted By: Tully (2005-04-18 16:45:32)

You will be only the second person to have ever paid via check. :)

Email me your last name and the email address you want associated with your account ( and I will go ahead and get your account setup.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-18 18:02:13)

Heh. Yes, I am truly paranoid. I have one credit card that I only use for emergencies and pay cash/check for everything - o^0.

By the way, if I created a Theme Manager for PocketWar, would you be interested in making it available to users of PocketWar? (free of charge, of course)

I had some thoughts on how to do that:
I already have an IDE that I have developed for embedded programming work. The IDE has color syntax highlighting, bookmarks, dockable windows, etc... Basically what you expect from an IDE. One of the major features, however, is the ability to provide "intellisense" type feedback to the user. My thought was to utilize the editor for script editing and provide the intellisense module with the script model. This will allow auto-complete and pop-up parameter help for the different script functions. This shouldn't take me more than a week as I already have the editor working and would just need to feed the script model into the intellisense module.

Provide an easy "Wizard-like" interface for skinning the game. This will give the user the option to choose various units in the game and modify them with different skins, and maybe custom scripts (created in the IDE mentioned above). I can modify the base scripts (those in the /scripts directory) and replace the changeable elements with tokens that will be subsituted when the wizard generates the files. My thoughts were it could either edit an existing install, or create a self-installing zip/executable that can be applied to an install. This can allow you to have multiple skins that can be installed at whim. I estimate the time of this at about two months. So, if you forsee the mod and script structure changing drastically in the next couple of months, maybe I should hold off...

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-18 18:23:00)

Okay, I am finishing up my bivouc unit and realized that there is a problem with the See Bee (misspelled by the way, should be CeeBee for Construction Batallion). The Cee Bee can build the bivouc unit no problem and place it anywhere. Therein lies the problem - placing it anywhere. Is there a script callback that be used to determine if a unit can be placed? I was thinking that worksWithThisTile can be used, but I'm not sure where it would be placed. Would I have to create a mod-bivouc.js script and place the call there? But, would that actually prevent the unit from being placed on a tile? Some other candidates are: preUnitMove - is this called before a unit exits a transport? unitBuilt - not much help here, just something to notify me when the unit is build. preUnitLeaving - this seems the most logical, but can I prevent the unit from leaving with this script? If not, I might be able to reload the unit, but if it's movement rate is 0 will I be able to load it again? Maybe destroy the old one, create a new one and add it to the transport if the tile is not correct. What would be perfect would be a canPlaceUnit callback ;).
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