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Subject - Vet Unit Stats Increments
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Posted By: Freelancer (2005-04-21 00:11:21)

I'm not sure whether people have brought this up but here goes:

I observed that when a unit levelled up (up to 3x) and has a Vet status, either one of its stats will be increased. Tully, may I suggest that when the Attack or Armor stat is increased, the increment should be 10 instead of 1 since you have factored these stats by 10. Other stats i.e. AtkRange, Speed and See increments should be fine.

Thanks and regards.

Posted By: San Dog (2005-04-21 00:12:47)

Units can level up?

Wow. I just started playing a week ago and am discovering new things every day. |P
Posted By: Freelancer (2005-04-21 03:51:43)

Yup! They sure do ... as long as they kill and not being killed.

Wow! Isn't it?

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-21 09:07:52)

your right about the armor thing. I'll see if I can build a patch to fix that. I am looking into multiplayer issues right now anyway, so I will have to have a new release anyway
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