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Subject - Lost "saved games"
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-30 07:53:14)

I played V1.604 for awile and saved several times, they would open back up the first day (only shut down game not puter) now I have no games saved........I was up to 30 saves at one time. Can someone tell me what happened? Or was it because I turned computer off (after I saved a game)

P.S. sorry I did this wrong to, forgot to sign in.........Joe
Posted By: Tully (2005-04-30 09:41:24)

Turning off the computer should not make the saved games go away. You should have a set of files that look like pw1.pwg, pw2.pwg, etc. These files will be stored in under the pocketwar data directory either under the metalshard directory, or if you sync with a pda under the my documents directory on your pda.

Also when you save the game it makes a backup of the old saved game file so in that same directory you will have a set of pw1.bak, pw2.bak, etc. files. If you rename those from .bak to .pwg that will bring back your saved games.

If the files don't exist on your pc then that would be the problem, but I'm not sure why they would have gone away.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-04-30 14:36:07)

I found the recycle bin.............go figure
But when I restored them it put the back into my sync fold for my iPAQ5555.........
Maybe Active sync has something to do with it.............I know activesync is very quirky.............., well thanks for telling the file names, because I searched for them and found them that way..anyway maybe this is something you did need to know..........

By the way thanks for a great game, abiet addictive, LOL
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