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Subject - Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
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Posted By: John (2005-05-18 07:02:05)

I think it would be fun to add a few elements to the landscape and general look of the game. For example, there could be roads and train tracks between the cities. Roads could be surfaces that troops and vehicles can follow to increase there travel speed. The same for trains: Neutral ones can be captured and utilized to move units around. Of course, both roads and train tracks could be blown-up at points to make them impassible. But engineers could repair them as needed - or make new ones. There could also be bridges for the roads and trains that are already on the map. For civilian automobiles, there could be a few running around on the roads that marines could car-jack. The same for civilian planes running between airports. If they are parked in a captured city, they become the property of the forces that captured it. When the custom land builder comes out, one could set-up scenarios that are a little bit more realistic.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-08-03 15:41:57)

If it were not for the randomness of the cities, I'm sure it could happen.
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