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Subject - Entrenched Infantry
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-06-18 13:59:19)

I LOVE to put infantry in entrenchments. It makes them more durable. Remember Dune 2? What for me was most annoying was the lack of entrenchments. Remember Civilization and "fortify" command?
I was wondering is it possible to achieve the same effect in Pocket War..
I have found some solution, but it still is not working.


1. All the infantry units should have the ability to produce their entrenched version.
For example: "Marine" can construct "Entr.Marine" which takes 3 turns.

2a. Entrenched version of units have in PocketWars ver earlier than 1.5:
- +2 Armour (they are more durable)
- +1 to range attack (they are better prepared for fight and have better recon system)
- +5 to all Adj Attacks.
- 0 points of Movement.

2b. Entrenched version of units have in PocketWars ver 1.5 or 1.6 (it is a proposal because I do not play this version):
- +5 Armour (they are more durable)
- +50 Defence against Ground and Sea attack
- +30 Defence against Air attack
- +1 to range attack (they are better prepared for fight and have better recon system)
- +5 to all Adj Attacks
- 0 points of Movement.

3. All entrenched version of units can construct their original version (de-entrench) which takes them 1 turn.

4. And here there is the biggest problem: when "Marine" constructed "Entr.Marine" the original unit (e.g. Marine) should stop to exist, should dissapear. The same situation when "Entr.Marine" is de-entrenching and constructed "Marine" - "Entr.Marine" should dissapear.
And I do not know how to achieve that....
Is it possible (and if yes how) to let one unit construct other unit for a price of annihilating? "Suicidal constructing"?

BTW I think that not only Infantry units should have option to "fortify", but fortifications/entrenchment should have given much more defence bonus to infantry than to armoured vehicles.

Posted By: Tully (2005-06-19 10:11:03)

what you need to do is add a unitBuilt( unitThatWasBuilt ) callback to the "marine" and the "Entr.Marine". In that callback call kickOutStored( tile, 0 ) which will kick out the stored unit from the unit that built it (tile) use x = getX( tile ) and y = getY( tile ) to find out where the builder unit is on the map. Then call removeFromMap( tile ) to take the builder off the map, and removeFromMap( unitThatWasBuilt ) to remove the new unit from the map and finally call addToMap( unitThatWasBuilt, x, y ) to put the new unit back on the map at the right place. Then finally call destroyObject( tile ) to clean up the now unused tile and that should do it.

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-06-19 14:14:57)

I will try. Thanks for fast as lightning answer. And it is not a joke.
Posted By: Andre (2005-08-02 15:33:35)

This mod finished yet?
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