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Subject - Crash when PDA is restored
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-07-26 06:00:53)

I have an Acer N35. When my PW 1.604 has been minimized, or if the machine has been turned off, the game often, but not always, crashes when restored.

I thought that it might be caused if there was less RAM available for the restore, so I took car to remove any new programs that might have been started since PW was sent to the background, but the crashes even occur when no new progams have been started at all.

PW seems just what I was looking for, so it is a great disappointment that I will lose much of what I have been working on if I have to temporarily switch the machine off or take a look at my calendar.

Posted By: Tully (2005-07-26 08:20:22)

I'll try and see if I can reproduce this, but until then there is an autosave feature in pocket war that will save the game every X number of turns. If the game crashes load up the autosaved game and you wont lose as much. I put that in there for unexpected problems like this one.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-07-26 09:26:03)

There is a bit of a snag here: I cannot load games as long as I have not registered, and I do not feel much encouraged to register as long as the game crashes on me!

I will try to see if there is anything special that will cause the game to crash. So far I have played five skirmishes and three have crashed. There have been two different symptoms. In one, the screen is just white, and in the other, the "Loading" message appears, but the dots freeze. I didn't count them, though. Should I ?

In one instance I thought the game crashed because I got the white screen, but turning the PDA off and on again made the game load normally. I of course then thought that this was a sure cure, but has had no such success since.

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-07-26 15:26:43)

ah didnt realize you was unregistered. What you can do is send me the mtrace.txt file in the / directory of your pda. Also you can go into the settings and turn on trace mode which will dump out more information into that file. Thats the best way I have of fixing problems on pdas where I don't have a matching model.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-07-26 17:04:55)

Right! I'll do it as soon as possible. But I have just finished a 3-way skirmish where I switched the machine off several times, and minimized it, and it just would not crash. It is a damn nuisance that it will not crash when I want it, but at least that registration is getting closer!
Posted By: Tully (2005-07-26 18:08:56)

hehe thats my life. I totally believe people when they say it crashes then for the life of me I can't reproduce it.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-07-27 04:36:18)

I know the feeling. But I have a crash for you!

I started Windows Media and played som MP3 music while playing PW. After some time, I minimized PW, stopped Windows Media and removed it from memory, then switched off the machine. when I later turned the machine on, it froze when I tried restore PW. This was not the white screen I have been talking about, but a simple freeze where I had to boot the machine to get out. PW never managed to draw anything on the screen before it happened.

I can send you the mtrace.txt file later, but maybe it is enough for you to know that it looks as if it closes correctly. After the last DoLocalPlayerTurn there is a lot of Exits, Exit Mouse Up, and such. The last three lines are:

599759 TRACE - MAIN -- WM_ACTIVATE - active = 0
599992 TRACE - GAME -- Exit Mouse up

I do not think it ever wrote anything in the trace log when I tried to restore it.

I will play some more, and crash some more!

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-07-28 10:04:48)

I have got a couple more crashes, both white screen, but then contents of the trace log look rather identical. I do not think that any benefit can gained from it if it does not write anything when restored. In fact, it is possible that the crash happens in your runtime libraries, whatever they may be, so that you will be unable to do anything about the crashes.

In the meantime I have decided that Pocket War is so good that I cannot live wiothout it, so I have registered, and now I wait with anxiety for the registration code so that I can reload my games from the autosaved games!
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