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Subject - Waypoints problems
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Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-05 04:36:33)

I have got the idea that if you make a unit go to a temp waypoint and set that waypoint to make the unit move to a second waypoint, this should also happen if the unit picks up other units, but it does not seem to happen. If set an engineer to go to a waypoint with a howitzer, it just picks up the howitzer, and then stops, but the waypoint is still pointing to the next waypoint.

The system seems to work if there are no units to be picked up.

I have also noticed that some temp waypoints do not go away when they are no longer used. It is no big deal, but I just wonder if perhaps an extra routine should be added at the end of the turn to remove temp waypoints with nobody going there?

Posted By: Tully (2005-08-05 07:25:42)

it should pick it up and keep moving so it is a bug, also the temp waypoints are refrence counted so they should always go away when they are no longer used.

The two problems might be related in some way.

Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-05 11:29:50)

There is another problem I have noticed: When I drop a waypoint on a unit, it sometimes does not become a tracking waypoint but stays at the location while the unit moves away.

I know that problems that only happens sometimes are very hard to get rid of, but I will report any pattern that I might notice.

Am I really the only one who has noticed these problems? Come on, I have only played the game for two weeks!
Posted By: es (2005-08-06 14:43:25)

For your first problem, make sure that the original waypoint is pointing to the second waypoint, as opposed to the unit that the original waypoint is on top of. Damn that's try this:
Say you've got an engineer headed to pick up an anti-aircraft which has been marked with waypoint #1. Now you *think* that waypoint #1 is pointed to waypoint #2, but actually it's the anti-aircraft that's pointed to waypoint #2. This will cause you to experience what you are describing in your first post.

Regarding temp waypoints that don't go away...this can happen if a unit is in a city refueling or fixing itself up, the waypoint appears to have nothing coming to it, but will again once the unit comes back out of the city.

Hope this helps.

Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-08 04:09:54)

Thanks for the explanation. Both problems seem to have covered adequately. I think I will leave those "unused" waypoints for some more time. Maybe a change could be made so that references from units inside cities can also be shown on the waypoint's list?

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