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Subject - Sea Cannon
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Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-05 12:39:44)

In the units types list there is a "sea cannon" that can be built by engineers. However, my engineers are apparently not so skilled, because they cannot build sea cannons!

BTW, is there a search function somewhere so that I can find out if this has already been treated in an earlier topic?
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-08-05 13:15:42)

sea cannons are from a previous version they should have been removed from the docs.
Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-06 09:08:25)

My, my! I have been locked up on an island with no ports, and the computer's destroyers and BBs kept my poor people away from the shores. For some reason, everything that is not built in a port is pretty ineffective against the big ships. Fortunately, I managed to use my comprehensive airforce - of which my opponent had none - to take a port and build submarines. I also took out a BB with air power, because my opponent did not send it to repair in time while I nibbled away at it.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-08-06 17:29:54)

When you get a really tough game like this, post it here for us to try!!!!

Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-08 04:20:44)

You are right, I should do that! I did not think of sharing the game, especially because I still play at the easy level.

Actually I have found that six airplanes can easily take out two battleships in coastal water. My first attempts were, I regret to say, piecemeal attacks, but once I recognised that a more concerted attacks was necessary, I have only had problems with BBs where I have had no airfields close by.

I wonder what will be the difference when I go to the medium and hard levels of the game. I should not imagine that the AI has changed, so either will the computer start with more cities, or the system will favor the computer's units in some way.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-08-08 09:48:38)

The E, M, H setting changes how far out the computer AI looks. So in E mode all units really only care about whats around them in H mode they will look farther out which results in more concentrated attacks.

Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-09 02:12:19)

So it is actually more intelligent, and not just given better odds! Exciting!
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