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Subject - Free Screen Size for PC Version?
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Posted By: Sascha (2005-08-05 17:51:58)

Hi Tully,
my new Notebook has a Widescreen with 1280x768! Is there a way to make it run in that resolution?
Greetings, Sascha
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-08-06 14:33:23)

you will be able to do that in 1.7. I have added a user defined video mode that lets you set whatever x and y you want for the size. You will have to modify your options directly but I will provide instructions on how to do that.
Posted By: Sascha (2005-08-08 10:41:39)

installed and testet 1.7 version. Had to generate a new code on my Notebook - Why? 1.7 runs very good on my iPaq 4705 with VGA! Really good! On my Notebbok I cannot find a way to set screen to 1.280x768 . . .
Any idea?
Greetings, Sascha
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-08-08 11:23:17)

Open up your pocketwar.set file in notepad or some other text editor. Change entry 59 to 1280 and change entry 60 to 768. No when you run pocket war on the video setting menu the last choice will be 1280x768
Posted By: Sascha (2005-08-08 11:38:38)

Cool, it works! Thank you!
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