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Subject - 1.7 beta ready for download
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-08-06 19:09:18)

The 1.7 beta is now in the download section. When you start it up on a VGA device it will probably show a tiny image in the middle of the screen. Go to the settings->sound and video and then change the resolution to 480x640.

If you are on a square device or a desktop with a non-standard screen size you can go into pocketwar.set and change entry 59 to your screen's width and setting 60 to its height. Then start pocket war and in the settings->sound and video the last video setting will be that custom size you set.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-08-06 20:33:52)

can you post in cab format too?
Posted By: Tully (2005-08-06 20:49:44)

I will for the final 1.7
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-08-06 21:09:55)

I managed to get installed. I just didn'thave a working activesync handy. :)

Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-08-06 21:24:03)

Installed and working. VGA looks awesome. Did you get your VGA machine to test with yet?
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-08-06 23:04:37)

Looks great. However, if you want to play 240x320 in VGA mode, it only leaves it really small in the center.

Any way to do "both" depending on your mood? Also, it's running extreme slow motion on the iPaq HX4705, almost unplayable. Curious to hear about other peoples' experience. Had to roll back to 1.6,however after the few issues are worked on some it's looking great!

Posted By: Tully (2005-08-06 23:40:30)

My Axim arrived yesterday. I ordered it slowest shipping method possible still it arrived the same day Dell said it shipped. They must warehouse the Axims here in Austin.

At 480x640 it runs at the same speed in VGA on the axim that it runs in 240x320 on my old jornada, so there is something up with the iPaq. Now the question is just finding out what.

I haven't figured out how to tell CE that I want to run at 240x320. It seems like once you mark yourself as resolution aware it runs you at 480x640. There must be some way to tell it not to do that.

The real problem I have with VGA is everything is so tiny it's hard to press the buttons. I need to find a way to scale up the UI (not the land or units just the controls) when you are in VGA
Posted By: Compusmurf (2005-08-06 23:53:00)

Still awake huh?

Weird because 1.6 runs super fast, 1.7 is "chunky". Just "moving" around is very slow I agree with the last one, but my stylus is very accurate. :)

I can tell you, the Dell and the Ipaq use different video chipsets....

I went so far as to hard reset and reinstall. No change, still very slow.

I'd be willing to test anything! :) You know me!
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