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Subject - Impossible situation?
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Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-25 01:39:28)

I have been asked to publish interesting game situations, and I have one here. It is a game on a small map, and the level is hard.

I soon found out that I was located on a very small continent, and having cleared out enemies, I was in possession of 1 airport and 2 cities. Furthermore, my opponent is situated on another small continent rather far from me. The problem lies in the fact that I have no port - and apparently my opponent has no airport. Soon I have stuffed my continent with guns, missiles and small tanks, but I have no way of reaching my opponent. My only transport is Hueys, and they can only transport infantry. My opponent has stuffed his continent with heavy tanks, so my Hueys and infantru has no chance of taking his port - the only valuable place I can reach. Fortunately my comuter opponent does not build anti-aircraft missiles, so I can attack him with my aircraft.

Now, my opponent does have a port, and he builds battleships and destroyers like mad. Sometimes he has raided my coasts, and it is frustrating that all my guns can do nothing about it, and I have wasted my little airforce several times to make him go away. I can sink a battleship with my aircraft, but it takes a lot of hits, and when he has a fleet of five battleships and destroyers (BBs and DDs) he can take out five planes per turn. I can build 4 planes in the time that he can build 1 BB, and it does not help me to build stronger planes: one hit from a BB or DD, and the plane is gone.

In time, I found a tactic to spoil him, because I set my cities to produce lots of Hueys, and when I attack his fleet, I send in a swarm of Hueys, and when he wastes his shots on the Hueys, I save my precious planes. In this way, at a later stage of the game, I have actually destroyed his entire fleet!

But I still cannot see how I can get hold on his cities. With a lot of effort, my growing airforce might clear out the nearest part of his continent, but it is too far away to reach more than the coastline, so my infantry will be completely exposed to his tanks. Even if I can take his port, I cannot produce anything so fast that he cannot take it back quickly. Unles, of course that I can build up such a huge airforce (from a single airbase) that I can keep the areas around the port free from enemies long enough that I can build a destroyer to keep the enemy away.
Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-25 01:43:13)

So that was the situation. Here comes the downloads. pw0 contains the early part of the game where the situation has just dawned on me.
Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-25 01:43:37)

pw1 is a later stage where I am still figuring out how to attack his fleet.
Posted By: steenkh (2005-08-25 01:50:04)

pw2 is the current situation. Probably the most deadlocked part untill now.

I think that the game should be designed more fairly so that every continent where at least one player starts should have one of each of cities, airports, ports, and bases. Situations like this one can be interesting, but eventually frustrating when it is clear that nobody can win.

Well, the computer should have won, because he should have raided more massively and diembarked a really strong force. And he should have disregarded Hueys when there were better prey around ...

Posted By: Anonymous (2005-10-06 10:55:59)

Sometimes warfare is not fare. Hell, look at us in Iraq, we're kickin the crap out of them. unfair? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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