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Subject - Version 1.704 BETA ready for download
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Posted By: Tully (2005-09-07 00:09:47)

Ok, there is a new version ready for beta testing.

This one should be fast. It has a bunch of known bugs (and I'm sure a bunch of unknown bugs.) The two most important are the miminize button is not working right for some reason, and mouse events sometimes make it through when waiting on the enemy to make a move (which causes random problems.)

Things I need checked out...

* Is the sheering / flicker problem gone on the PC version
* does the pocket pc version work not only on hi res devices but on older devices as well

I have tested it on my jornada as well as the dell x50v and it seems ok on both of them.

Give it a spin and let me know how it goes.
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-09-07 07:28:44)

This version does get rid of the flickering issue that I had when I tried to play it on my notebook.

Playing this on my Axim x50v, scrolling with the dpad no longer works... And do the graphics and text look worse? I am running it at 360x480...

EDIT: I hit next turn and WOW, extremely SLOW, I mean EXTREMELY SLOW. It took a very long time for the text "THINKING PLEASE WAIT" to come up.
Posted By: Tully (2005-09-07 08:43:04)

What PDA do you have EvilOne? On my Axim this version is running 3X faster than the last one. Maybe it has to do with running at an off resolution. I will try that tonight. The text and graphics should be the same however there is a bit of randomness involved with scaling to a size that isn't an even multiplier or divider of the screen resolution, so even run to run, or as you scroll the map it might look better or worse.

I forgot to tell you that the keyboard / buttons are disabled that was one of the known issues.

Post your savegame file here. I want to run exactly what your running.
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-09-07 09:50:28)

I am running the Dell Axim x50v. The game I am going to attach is basically unplayable...
Posted By: Tully (2005-09-07 22:19:14)

It has to do with the sheer number of units on the screen and the fact that in a movement phase it used to not spend time drawing the screen (i.e. the blinking lights in the radar view stopped blinking) in fixing that it is now spending a large amount of time redrawing the screen which leaves it less time to carry out the moves.

Let me look at it some more. Worst case I can just block the drawing during the movement phase which will basically stop the blinking lights again.
Posted By: Tully (2005-09-07 23:07:39)

Ok EvilOne,

version 1.705 is available for download. Keys still dont work and all the other problems are there but the speed should be good for you now.

Posted By: EvilOne (2005-09-08 04:46:07)

Ok, this version is definitely much faster than 1.704... But even this version, 1.705, seems slower than the version that came before 1.704...
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-09-08 04:47:40)

Minor, annoyance... Everytime I install the application the desktop version of the game seems to always overwrite my settings, while the PDA's version does not... Is there a way to not overwrite the settings on the desktop when installing?
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