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Subject - 1.705 beta problems
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Posted By: Josh (2005-10-09 18:43:10)

I'm playing on an Axim X50v and the game is installed in built-in storage.

1. I have the "Use d-pad" option checked, but the d-pad doesn't do anything.

2. I have the "Use buttons" option checked, but the buttons don't do anything.

3. I can turn the sound effects on and off, but the changing the effects volume has no "effect" ;-)

The VGA mode looks beautiful - I love all the real estate!
Posted By: Tully (2005-10-09 23:26:51)

1 and 2 - these are known problems, and are the last two things holding up the next beta. I'm working on them now and I am trying to rework the control scheme so the game can be played using the buttons and dpad only.

3 - didn't know this, I will take a look and try and see whats going on. Ok, now the button problem isn't the only thing holding up the next beta. :)
Posted By: SMRenaud (2005-11-03 14:50:29)

I'm playing on an HP Ipaq 2215.

My units are changing color. When I move them they are my color (blue), when I let the turn run, they will change to the color of the ai opponent. Red in this case.

Not a big deal, but makes things interesting when you run up on a unit thinking it is yours, and it opens fire. :)
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-11-03 15:59:25)

has anyone see the "purple" problem latly? I think there is a problem in general with the image caching code.
Posted By: Josh (2005-11-03 16:26:29)

What's the purple problem?
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-11-03 16:49:24)

sometimes in the beta you will see purple around a unit (maybe more pinkish technically magenta) around a unit. Its because the units mask isnt getting cached right.

Same problem with the color change, the unit images are now cached with the overlays which keeps me from having to rotate and overlay the data all the time. The problem is the wrong unit colors are getting picked up from the cache sometimes.
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-11-06 11:42:04)

Using this now on an upgraded x50v and it is painfully slow just to set up the settings, let alone watch the splash screen come down. Anyone else experienced this?
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-11-06 11:44:35)

Just ran into this too.... When I go to exit the game, the error reporting subsystem comes up and says that a problem has occurred with mge.exe...
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