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Subject - Storing Games
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Posted By: Borg (2005-10-20 17:52:23)

Is it possible to store the games in progress on a different drive that the game is stored on. I have the game installed on two computers and would like to be able to play the current game on either computer using a pendrive.
Posted By: Tully (2005-10-22 22:14:48)

I'll look at adding a setting for the next release that will let you change where the games are stored. So by default they will continue to go into the sync directory in case you want to play games on both windows and the pocket pc, but if you want to you can fill in that setting and it will store the games where ever you tell it.
Posted By: Tully (2005-10-28 22:12:11)

I looked at it and it would actually turn out ot be a pain in the rear to do this. So Im going to leave it the way it is for now. By default it will save into your sync directory unless you turn that off in the settings in which case it will save where the game is stored.
Posted By: Tully (2005-11-14 22:52:32)

Ok I totally changed the way games get stored. It is going to break the autosync feature but it doesnt matter much its broken on windows mobile 5 anyway.

Here is how it works now...

if there isnt a file called savelocation.set in the metalshard directory then the games will be saved to the default location which is in a "pocketwar data" directory under the metalshard directory.

if there is a file called savelocation.set in the metalshard directory then the games will be stored in a "pocketwar data" directory under the directory listed in the file. The directory in the file must end in a \

For example in the file you could put...

C:\Documents and Settings\Tully\My Documents\WM_Tully My Documents\

(which is the my documents folder for my eten 9100) and then pocket war will create a "pocketwar data" directory under that path and load and save all the games there.

It works the same way on the pocket pc. So you could put something like...

\My Documents\

on in the savelocation.set file on the pda and then it would see the synced files from the desktop.


you could put

\Storage Card\My Documents\

and it would store the files on your storage card instead.

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