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Subject - Larger than X-Large map?
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-10-25 17:37:10)

I wonder if it would be possible to make a map that was larger than the X-Large that is available, something like Enormous. I ask because I actually enjoy setting up the logistics and the fun of exploring and conqueroring new areas. X-Large does this to an extent, but it always seems that on X-large there turn out to be only one or two decisive "wars".

Tully, is it feasible/realistic to add a map that is larger than x-large?
Posted By: Tully (2005-10-25 22:11:30)

The game tries to keep the memory footprint down and to do that I use bytes rather than ints in a lot of places (programming jargon.) The net result is the largest map that can easily be supported is 255 x 255.

Currently the largest map is 197x197 (there are other memory conserving reasons why I chose that size) but I could extend it out to be 255x255.

If I do that though and you choose to play the large map size it will use up roughly 3MB more memory on the pda. Also, the AIs will run slower. They will have more map to think about so will take longer to make each move.

If you think having that extra space is worth doing let me know.
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2005-10-28 23:15:51)

255x255 would be sweet - also since several of the newer units are coming with faster chips and ppl playing on the pc....those might lead to less slowdown for AI's
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-10-30 20:34:53)

Tully, I would love to see a 255x255 especially since I only play on PC these days.
Posted By: Josh (2005-11-02 08:47:02)

255x255 would be great! My X50v should be able to handle it no problem.
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