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Subject - Does pocketwar work with Windows Mobile 5?
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Posted By: Anonymous (2005-10-28 22:18:24)

The new beta 1.7 of pocket war should work with windows mobile 5. I have not had a chance to test it with WM5 but theoretically it should. If anyone tries it out post here and let us know how it is working.

Hopefully, my WM5 device will get here soon and I can test it in house.
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2005-10-28 23:00:00)

I just downloaded it and will be trying it tonight with my new WM 05 device
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2005-10-28 23:39:44)

It looks like everything is working very well with WM 05 for the most part.... however, there are some minor issues that need to be looked into.
- After exit, the very bottom of the screen shows some "garbage" - that wipes away as soon as you go somewhere else - I'm sure it has to do with the two smart buttons on the bottom of the screen
-the minimize feature seems to be broken, again, I suspect that the two bottom buttoms at the screen are somewhat to blame, though the problem is the top of the screen this time....those two buttons seem to make some WM03 programs work a bit "weird" with WM 5
-the mods selection menu in the options aren't working

So looks like Tully has his work cutout for him. :)

Playing on 480x640 seems to give a GREAT deal of view, though everything is smaller of course (this is on a device with VGA, not QVGA - not sure how different the QVGA would be, but the VGA screen is pretty nice)
Posted By: Tully (2005-10-29 01:29:16)

The good news is all of those issues are known problems with the 1.7 beta, and the better news is I have most of them worked out. I still have to fix the mods selection problem and finish making the dpad work again.
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2005-10-29 13:19:08)

The bad news is last night I had the PC version crash, and this morning the PC version locked up. (running Win XP SP2)
Posted By: Tully (2005-10-29 13:20:59)

turn tracemode on and then when it crashes send me the mtrace file
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2005-10-29 22:01:00)

Okay will do

Also noticed that the unit color seems to be switching (ie the red units turn blue and blue units turn red - it's a bit annoying and weird)
Posted By: Jburr (2005-11-25 15:40:35)

The minimize feature is working for me under WM5. I am getting the color switching thing. Jburr
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