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Subject - 1.706 beta problems
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Posted By: Josh (2005-11-30 00:06:41)

I had the same problem as EvilOne did with 1.705 where it was PAINFULLY slow to start up the game and change the settings. The sound was also skipping. However, it ONLY happened the first time I started this version, and every time since then it's been working fine.

On the PC version when I move the mouse around the cursor movement is choppy.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-12-08 18:50:18)

It happens everytime I play, very painful. Also, what settings can I change to change the resolution to something between 640x480 and 240x320? Was it #59 & 60?
Posted By: Tully (2005-12-08 19:48:38)

is it fast once its up and running (turn to turn) and only slow in the settings?
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-12-09 07:28:04)

Painfully slow in regards to game play and if settings 59 & 60 are the ones to chage the resolution, it is either being ignored or not picked up.
Posted By: EvilOne (2005-12-09 07:28:35)

Forgot, using Axim x50v WM5 A01
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-12-09 08:50:18)

When did you download the last beta (which version do you have?) Gameplay should be fine (almost but not quite as fast as the last version) on the Axim (thats what I am testing on here) but the menu system is still running slow. If you have a map where that isn't true upload it so I can take a look at it.

The settings are 59 and 60 but you also have to tell it to use those settings. So once you change that go into the game to the sound and video settings page and move the resolition setting all the way to the right.

Posted By: EvilOne (2005-12-09 10:30:35)

Alright I take back slow, it is slow scrolling and moving to different points within the map. The player's turns move fast. But I am running into the issue where 59 & 60 are filled in with 480 and 360, but the application is not picking up these settings no matter how many times I clikc the right arrow using the latest and greatest beta.
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-12-09 10:38:11)

Ah, I added in code to make it where the numbers have to be a even divisor of a screen resolution that your device supports. I had to to that for the last round of optimzations. So if your device will do 640x480 then 320x240 should work, or 160x120, etc.

The scrolling still needs some work but Im not sure I can get it faster. Part of the problem is the Axim has a really bad 2D graphics chip set (slow) it's great (for a pocket pc) for 3D but aweful for 2D, and WM5 also runs much slower that 2003SE. Not to mention that there are just more pixels to push at 640x480. I'll take another stab at scrolling and see if I can find yet another way to cheat though. :)

What about the speed at which windows pop up (like when editing a units commands) how is that working for you?
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