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Subject - Ah... Now I am happy!
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Posted By: Hugh Nano (2005-12-09 18:19:35)

At long, long last... A feature I have been asking for since 2002... Smaller icons! Well, higher resolution, actually, but I am so, so, so happy to at last be able to see more of the theatre of war on my Pocket PC. Congratulations, Tully! I'm back in the game. 1.71b is working just fine on my Axim x50v so far - and looks wonderful in full VGA resolution. Looking forward to an official release! Sincerely, Hugh Nano (aka Edward Hewlett).
Posted By: Hugh Nano (2005-12-09 18:41:48)

Hmm... Thought I might try my first multi-player game, but the multiplayer page only lists your own groups. Also couldn't find the "game bug" download that the documentation refers to. Could a list of open multi-player games be created - perhaps with an option to add one's newly created group to the public list?
Posted By: Anonymous (2005-12-09 19:02:48)

Here are my thoughts on this...

I thought about adding a place on the website where you could sign up for multiplayer games and the time you can play. Then any time someone wanted to play they could send an email to an email address at and that would anonymously forward to everyone on the list who can play at that time of day (there would be an option for anytime.) The email would have a link in it, and you could click the link and it would send a return email to the origional person telling them you wanted to play. All emails would come from so you would never see the other person's email address unless you wanted to exchange email addresses at some later time.

What do you think of that? (though I dont know when I will have time to write it)
Posted By: Hugh Nano (2005-12-11 00:36:32)

Yes. I suppose that would work - although I would be hesitant to put down a specific time that I could play. I rarely know ahead of time when I'll have a few minutes to play. What I was thinking of was something like this...

(I'm assuming that multi-player in PocketWar works like the old play-by-email system in Empire Deluxe, right? You get to take turns until there is potential for contact? And you are basically exchanging saved games?)

1. Start a multiplayer group on the MetalShard site - specify whether it is to be publicly listed or not and how many players can join.
2. If your group is publicly listed, it shows up on an "open games" page. Others can choose to join until the number of players specified is met. (Here is where an e-mail notification like you suggested might come in handy... It would be good if all players received an e-mail (or other form of notification) when the game is full and one or more opponents are logged in.)
3. Connect to the game group, play your turn(s), then wait for your opponent(s) to respond. (Here again, an e-mail notification or chat system might come in handy - it would be good if you could alert your fellow players as to whether you wish (or are able) to keep playing immediately or whether you're leaving and will play your next turn whenever you have the chance. And it would be good if you could get an e-mail or something that alerted you to when it was your turn.)

Never having played a multi-player game, I don't know how much of this is implemented already. The main problem I have is that I don't know anyone else who owns the game and would like to play multiplayer. A listing of "open games" page would be a first step in opening up multiplayer to a wider audience, I think.
Posted By: Tully (2005-12-11 10:49:58)

Most of what you asked for is already there, except it's private not public.

When you start a multiplayer game you get your own private forum and a list of people in the game and if you post to the forum it will email those in the forum. So what is really needed is a page with a list of games that are not full and waiting for more players.

If you are connected and are playing the game it will tell you when it is waiting for a player to take a move (game bug did the same thing.) The real problem is it can be hours, days, years between the time each player can take their turn.
Posted By: Hugh Nano (2005-12-12 00:13:33)

Sounds good. Can you make a page for open games then? Given that everything else is in place, it doesn't sound like it should be too hard...
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